President’s Acquitted; So Get New Ideas for Infrastructure

President Trump’s was acquitted by the Senate on a generally strict party split with Utah’s Mitt Romney being the crossover on article 1. One wonders if the Congress has scheduled vacation time all around for a job well done at wasting time and money instead of packaging good bi-partisan legislation.

Both parties seem to applaud the President’s state of the union speech reference to the Barrasso Highway Bill. Actually the U.S. should replace its old infrastructure such as highways with new infrastructure rather than rebuild it. One of the challenges of mature civilizations is that they can’t fundamentally change their basic infrastructure forms. Asphalt and concrete highways and steel and concrete bridges are such infrastructure the post-modern U.S.A. cannot move beyond with brilliant, new transport ideas that aren’t so trampy, slow and solar heat absorbing.

The President’s approval rating is 49% though Speaker Pelosi isn’t one of those. She said she will not accept the acquittal, and Majority Leader McConnell responded; whatever that means.





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