Democrat Party Mafia Will Likely Continue Coup Attempts

President Trump was the first President to be impeached and acquitted on a purely partisan basis. Democrats generally hate President Trump for a variety of reasons, not all of which are wrong although hatred is, and so they flammed up a pretext for impeachment. The bunk impeachment was as great as danger to democracy in the U.S.A. as was the Nixon directed burglary of the D.N.C.

If Democrats could have succeeded in removing a President they hate, overturning the vote of 2016, they would have established a one-party rule over America. The Clinton administration seemed to bring in a networking for insider wealth and ad hoc political racketeering rendering the Democrat Party into the mafia that people said it was long ago. That ad hoc mafia was acting as a Shadow government and even had a former Clinton, Biden operative create a San Francisco based Shadow Company that botched the vote count of the Iowa primaries.

The Clintons catalyzed a Democrat Party network synergized with Silicon Valley party partisans able to coordinate headline propaganda with a pejorative outlook. The Clinton Foundation and Sect. Clinton provided free tours for those that made large donations to the foundation. Countless Clinton computer related perfidies, lost hard drives (or erased), unsecured email servers for official state department business, a lost Clinton Diary that reappeared after Vince Foster died- the number of information age perfidies that appeared to be a constant companion of the Clintons and the Democrat Party; no to mention Senator Feinstein’s employment of a Chinese espionage agent, brought distrust to the public and incredulity at the specious nature of the impeachment charges. 

Democrat hatred of the President induced them to conflate bias with facts to produce a subversion of Democracy that was as an attempted coup in effect. Corporatism and socialism may egress to establish itself as a deep shadow government eventually, apparently it was mostly thwarted this time. 





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