Bernie Sanders is Hunting for a Progressive Tax Rate?

Bernie Sanders won the Iowa democrat primary and faces a gaggle of rivals in New Hampshire. Sanders has a plain winning edge though; he is the only trustworthy Democrat who would actually restore progressive taxes on the rich.

When President Obama let the Bush II tax cuts become law Senator Sanders was the sole dissenting vote and voice. The reset all went along with the tax cuts and after the fact wish for a progressive tax rate. Mayor Buttigeig is the obvious entry of the British aristocrats and Oxford to lead the Democrat farther into entrhalldom by the rich and aristocrats so taxes can be cut further.

President Trump plans to balance the budget by cutting the social safety net and Medicare in addition to exploiting the ecosphere for dirty profits for the rich. Bernie Sanders probably has no gimmicks-just progressive taxes, so he may be the only realistic Democrat.

Socialism isn’t good and neither is the homo ageneda of godless Democrats. Sanders though may be the adult in the room. It seems like a race to destruction by socialists, godless atheism and the rich with their aristocratic Brit Butties versus President Trump who is good for working class jobs except he also helps concentrate wealth and trashes the ecosphere. Maybe Sanders and that late entry Democrat billionaire should run as a team and get rid of fossil fuel cars, restore green wilderness and build a network of Musk emg transport infrastructure instead of old style smoking technology.

Perhaps Sanders could get the progressive tax rate restored to a fair level in a one-term Presidency followed by a real ecological economist Republic with spiritual moral fiber.

Medicare plan B- the one that pays for doctors and misc. costs about $200 monthly if the elderly want that. Not everyone retired gets more than $1500 monthly so the cost is very steep for the poor. Those receiving the minimum retirement benefit after buying food probably need to pay half of their remaining income for plan B ($600 s.s. – $200(food) – $200 (plan B) = $200 for everything else). 

If an individual expecting the minimum social security income waits beyond age 65 to sign up for plan B (even if full retirement age is 66), the government and a permanent penalty to the cost of plan B. The penalty evidently is progressive and increases if an individual waits to sign up because if they wait the social security income increases annually until age 70. Waiting is a good idea for those anticipating the minimum, except for the penalty for not signing up for a plan B program they probably can’t afford until retirement.

I wonder why the most poor are charged as much as the prosperous for basic medical service.

I suppose I can answer that question myself; politicians and the prosperous make the laws and they are generally interested in helping themselves the most while blaming the very poor for existing at soaking up government tax dollars. Thus President Trump in seeking to form a budget looks to cutting services for the poor since they are the most powerless political element in the nation.





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