Federal Debt Interest Cost Threatens Services to the Poor

The U.S. Government is running a trillion dollar a year deficit between income and expenses. Therefore the interest on the debt is running a half trillion a year. All of the Presidential candidates are completely unrealistic about that. Republicans talk about cutting taxes and cutting survival programs for the poor including health and retirement, and Democrats talk about adding trillions to the public debt for more inefficient health care provisioning for the middle class and dictating economic changes to cut back on greenhouse gases.


The right approach would be to add a trillion in revenues from better progressive taxes on the rich and use the money to pay off the public debt. Cutting back on government spending a trillion dollars annually would  be possible with reform of numerous programs to enhance efficiency. Medicare, Medicaid and VA and community health programs for the poor can be combined and reformed to decrease cost and create more efficiency with direct federal medical service to every American citizen with $24,000 or less in 2020 dollars for annual income. Establish better means tests with tighter standards so necessary help for retirees is limited to those that actually need it.

Military service should have a pay cut; peace time pay scales are just too high Provide free college and vocational training to all service veterans including guard and reserve for military service of more than six months without asterisks or qualifiers. Encourage better American education. Make sure that creative yet poor Americans don’t waste decades chasing after graduate financing that never actually is grasped.

Create a new zoning category for businesses and imports such that low entropy and non-harm to the ecosphere including the atmosphere is rewarded progressively.





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