Norway’s Ocean View $47 Billion Road

Norway has started construction on a forty-seven billion dollar road that crosses several fjords. Costly conventional bridges destroying the purity, such as remains, of fjord wild ecosystem health, probably was planned to be minimal, and for economic reasons the construction is understandable. On wonders if their were alternatives to the mildly invasive of the ecosystem transport technology that might have been used instead.

Different tech that creates electromagnetic field lines to repel electric cars so they can drive over fjords without solid bridges might be a couple dozen billion dollars cheaper. It would be like a surface effects channel skipper with an infrastructure to support passing land vehicles.

Alternatively magnetic field lines could be made and stationary, Meissner effect elevated platforms set for conventional ‘primitive’ wheeled vehicles to drive upon. Where possible, new technology should be innovated to reduce the cost of conventional infrastructure by at least 50%. The public could better invest in free college education for the poor than use old-style established infrastructure costly to build or maintain.

Norway’s new road will enable a certain amount of economic acceleration for free trade with Britain or other non-EU countries, or even the EU should they wish to be better exploited by EU tourism.





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