The Main Event; Sanders vs Trump

The rise of Bernie Sanders to take the 2020 Presidential race nomination of the Democrat Party seems pretty assured considering his primary opposition. Sanders is the sole candidate with principal running in the Democrat Party that means anything. He was the only member of the Democrat side to vote against the Obama renewal of the Bush II tax cuts. All other Democrats were nothing more than goose-stepping followers. The integrity of Senator Sanders is something of a rare item in U.S. politics these days.

If Bernie Sanders is elected he can work one or two good policy changes in his single term of office (Republicans would retake the Presidency in 2024 most likely as they would be very motivated). The main Sanders work would be to return to a substantial progressive tax rate on the upper 10% of U.S. income compilers.

Sanders might be expected to take all of the Democrat Party vote and to bring in large numbers of Obama minority voters that realize that increasing taxes on the most rich can’t be a bad thing for them. Sanders would need to steer clear of extremist economic reform plans that are quite half-baked threats to put Americans out of work. A Sanders check-hook would accentuate the positive aspect of limiting solid tax increase to a small minority of the most rich Americans. Sanders vs Trump would be like the Ali vs Frazier thrilla in Manilla over taxes. Sanders with Klobuchar in his corner as VP candidate would present a tough and possibly winning game.

With a separation of powers three-part government it is not really theoretically possible for a one-party socialist government to evolve if the voters don’t really support socialism. Sanders as a socialist candidate is not able to install socialism as the U.S. form of government; he is just a candidate that with Presidential powers would be able to advocate for higher taxes to negate the vast concentration of wealth in the U.S.A. that makes it a peer of Mexico.

Over-concentration of wealth destroys the political power of voters to elect adaptive candidates whom would use free enterprise incentives and regulations to develop an ecological economic infrastructure for the U.S.A. It also blocks creative individuals from expressing new ideas and developing alternative business ventures in this age of networked ad hoc racketeering by the repressive and powerful. With so many environmental challenges to human life on Earth over-concentrating wealth to give the generally uncreative so much power to ossify social political-economy is quite unhealthy.

The Sanders vs Trump event is the meeting of two heavyweights fighting over the political philosophy of progressive taxes to stop aristocracy from taking over America versus a model of classical capitalism who believe evolution of capital presents the best possible political economy. It is a battle of egalitarian democracy versus blind predatory capitalism with faith in itself with virtual divine right to rule.





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