Politic’s Winning for all with Blind Random Chance of Evolution?

Evolution makes every possible circumstance in politics and chess a winner, for every position is equally meaningless and determined with blind, random chance.

Politics evolve, more than dialectically, actually wholistically, in conformity to thermodynamic patterns of the Universe. Human reason works against evolution in that it reorders the orders of nature. Fortunately for the integrity of evolution, scientific reason has stipulated that reason is itself evolving and a product of evolution, therefore reason is meaningless and futile too, so everyone is a winner.

Reason has allowed faith, that ostensibly surpasses the order of evolution and reason when necessary, however even if so, evolution is a continuum of meaninglessness bringing the best possible circumstance of politics and economics with more than blind, random chance that is a kind of stochastic fallacy in regard to thermodynamics in which evolution coheres; evolution is the format of in-line capitalist philosophy of those that have made a philosophy of capitalism the sine qua non of evolutionary political economy. The beauty is that without reason the invisible hand of evolutionary fate brings the market to evolve the best possible circumstance for all that believe.

Original sin is comparable to a Universal virus that infects everyone at birth with the sole remedy being inoculation from the Lord Jesus Christ.





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