Original Sin and the Aftermath Criterion

Recently I encountered another one of the millions and millions of skeptics and trash-talkers of original sin. I thought I would write a little about the topic for edification of those lost forever unless they were to become saved through the intervening grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Apparently a lot of people haven’t given much thought to the book of Genesis. One might need to think about it, especially in the post-Darwinian social environment, for some substantial length of time. There is much to the book of Genesis of course. It was handed down from Abraham to Moses and made into a formal book of the Bible in the Court of David initially, or for a start, and completed perhaps in the court of Solomon or Rehoboam with some minor redactions later. 

I will keep the remarks to the point of the moral failure of Adam and Eve instead of the interesting, preceding cosmological content concerning the order of creation. We know from Genesis that Adam and Eve were a test case. They were created and had a start in time, yet the time may have been open-ended until they were caught perpetrating deceit unto God and corrected. They were cast into the temporal Universe from some unknown eternal paradigm that is guarded against human entry by four cherubim. Maybe those cherubim watch the four-dimensions of space-time of this Universe.

The correction of God was made because Adam and Eve had eaten from the tree of knowledge and become ‘as one of us’ aka sentient. They were willful and disobedient unto God. God realized that Adam and Eve might eat of the tree of life and live forever as immortals disobedient to the will of God. That would be inappropriate for several reasons including the well-being of Adam and Eve and their kind. The entire human race staring with the first two prototypes or archetypes were removed to the temporal Universe with thermodynamics, work, life, death, procreative urges and the unavoidable nature of interacting with others often destructively or manipulatively, because in nature, consuming energy in the form of eating others is endemic.

Original sin thus is like a virus or plague that infects all of humanity from birth unto death. Death limits the uncorrected and incorrigible nature of mankind. Salvation through the atoning grace of the Lord is the sole way that spiritually dead human beings may be saved; God sees the perfect nature of His Son Jesus who has shed his blood for each saved individual, instead of the sinner that is every human being that stands before God in judgment, with a default judgment rendering against him a priori via Adam, Eve and the paradigm of thermodynamic unit being.

Many people wish to regard life simply from the biological, evolutionary angle. In that paradigm people are just meat and the essential purpose for humanity is reproduction. Even in that paradigm it is species survival rather than individual survival that is more meaningful in the meaningless world of evolution; an individual human genome mostly is dispersed and replaced through heterosexual reproduction in individuals so far that their descendants would be complete strangers to their forefathers and mothers. An individual lizard’s genes are not important at all in comparison to the survival of a lizard species that is itself of dubious meaning for evolution itself.

Spiritual life is brought through God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. One could compare the relation of the spiritual to the evolutionary Universe of meat and death including spiritual death to the Platonic realm of Forms, the Intelligence and dumb, individual created social units.

 No matter, faith and reason overcome temporal worldliness and faithlessness alone. One has an eternal existence with God and the other, left to its own devices if not corrective design, hell forever. Physicists believe that below absolute zero the temperature may be infinitely hot. That’s an illustrative phase change of the potential for willful spiritual death.





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