Democrats Accuse Sanders and Trump of Being Russian Pawns

Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump each have been targets of mud-slinging this election cycle; namely being favored pawns of President Putin. For some reason Democrats at the top find it requisite to associate Russian President Putin with opposition political rivals in order to boost themselves as default genuine American apple pie personnel. After the end of the war against the Soviet reds the left media gave the name red to Republican states and blue to Democrat majority states. Democrat and media leaders were apparently fearful of becoming regarded as residual reds themselves with the demise of communism in the former Soviet Union.

Bernie Sanders as the sole Democrat candidate to have voted against President Obama’s demand to fully approve keeping the Bush II tax cuts is regarded as the only Democrat who could actually make a difference to uni-party, deep state business as usual that is purposed to enrich politicians and concentrate wealth before anything else. Democrat leaders thus hate Sanders and the left media hates Sanders too; not as much as President Trump yet he is up there in the hate rankings.

Sanders probably would need to tighten up his border security policy outlook to get elected. The nation and democracy cannot have illegal migrants running amuck over the border and thereby subverting democracy and political self-determination. If Mexico or any other American states wants to join the United States of America; a union of states in the Americas, that would be fine. They can ask Congress for that. What cannot be tolerated is gross corruption of borders and national sovereignty that renders democracy a farce and concentrates wealth and power with the majority becoming peonized.

The entire concept of the Russian President being a meaningful elector of U.S. Presidents is too farcical to be believed. Taking out a few million dollars worth of Facebook ads and more is just a drop in the bucket of the cost of winning a U.S. election.  The deep state media has already made it virtually impossible for large scale formation of political opinion that does not generally follow media preferential opinions; what ever happened to the Green Party menu of non-environmental issues dumped on it that made it disappear.

Bernie Sanders is the first candidate since Ralph Nader ran as a Green or Independent to present the prospect for rectifying American tax rates and making a difference. President Trump was elected for a similar reason in as far as he shared with Bernie Sanders and outside the deep state mainstream relationship. The United States has a real choice this year between environmentally indifferent, wealth concentrating capitalism and socialist leadership dampened capitalism that would in theory concern itself more with ecological economic policies within a free enterprise paradigm while also restoring a meaningful progressive income tax rate in order to pay down the U.S. public debt. With the two opposed dynamic approaches one cannot predict the outcome nor what the actual policy implementation would be if that is the November 2020 card.





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