Trump or Sanders; Name Your Poison

Name your poison; kicking bricks or a flat beer left in the Mohave desert a few weeks. Neither 2020 candidate would be too interesting to spend time with unless a paid journalist. Each are the best their party has to run of course, yet politicians as a genre should be seen and not heard. Constituents need to go about their affairs and not be bothered by the lifestyles of the rich and/or famous i.m.o.

One would like top-level politicians to be intelligent inspirational, brilliantly well-informed progressives regarding ecological economics and space progress who would balance the federal budget, secure the borders and assure that no American need ever be down and out for very long. It would also be good if Gillette would release The Hot One shave cream again, yet neither event is likely to happen within our lifetimes (of this or the next few generations).

One can only hope that politicians do less harm to public affairs and don’t bother private lives. Politicians have some qualities yet overall their faults make the choice of any a Hobson’s choice. Like something from 1984 the Ministry of Truth expects too many to participate in the Daily Hate of reds or blues and sycophants to chortle praise of the chosen.





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