Herm-Cyborg Units Reproducing Madly

Since Henry Ford invented mass produced automobiles Americans have developed reliance on the machines for transportation; for everything. In effect they have merged their course of development with machines and become cyborg brains guiding the machine unit to their shared destiny. With male and female being completely equal in machine cyborg power the phenomenon has joined them into equality as hermaphrodite cyborgs reproducing as one.

Americans have a certain contempt for human-powered transportation since it is natural and slower. Males have select advantages over females in the work that cyborg-units wish to avoid. When cyborg units arrive at a parking lot the cargo-brain-controller debarks and ventures into a store to shop before scuttling back to join the host vehicle.  Machines should be used carefully, minimally with a view toward reducing ecospheric footprint.

Machines are a powerful component of American life. They dominate and destroy the landscape and ecosphere as cyborg units respect life only for aesthetic qualities and pleasure they can find within it (i.e. fishing, hunting). Cyborg unit-planning has guided the sprawl of sterile cyborg cityscapes in order to reproduce more cyborg units as quickly as possible. 


Their was no grand cyborg development plan; it simply reproduced and self-reinforced as the dominant easy economic mode of being. Every citizen is respected only as far as they have been consumed by cyborg culture and compiled vast machine and building structure for-themselves, often with sin in some obvious form as a prerequisite for behavioral adjustment.

Free enterprise permits the development of any idea for invention. The mass social application of inventions such as cars should not simply find a place in the nation or world without any careful zoning and left to rely on Darwinian trial and error. Just because transportation can design roads to everywhere through any sort of landscape that does not mean they should.

An intelligent human society would recognize the immense value of nature and wilderness to human existence. It is a physical, spiritual and economic life-support foundation for all biological eings on Earth. Indifferent cyborg hermaphroditic reproduction with no concern for the ecosphere may result in the destruction of human life on Earth. 

It would be possible to conserve and restore wild ecosphere with centralized high speed mass transportation and better use of machines for work related purposes. With intelligent though a human ecological economic economic infrastructure renaissance that features as much human powered yet convenient and practical transportation as possible could arise to replace the herm-cyborg unit ethos.





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