Six Degrees of Separation and Covid 19

Following reports of Covid 19 in the pacific Northwest recently one infers easily that the virus arrived at Seatac airport and generated a cluster in the Seattle are before travelling down to Portland, where a small cluster formed, then travelling east down the Interstate to Umatilla Oregon. One might guess that its next stop on the way could be Salt Lake City.

The problem in containing the virus seems to be that it takes a couple of weeks for symptoms to appear after infection, and during that time the carrier can give others the disease.  With a few clusters in California already it is not unlikely that the nature of U.S. travel and transcontinental points of contact will deliver the virus to much of the country, although perhaps not with anything like the clustering density of China and Wuhan province where people live more close together in numbers and travel less than the west.

Maybe Mexicans considering crossing the border illegally will want to think about the idea of getting Covid 19 in the U.S.A. and taking it back to their medically challenged country. The Mexican heat is a fair defense yet the lack of good medical treatment may neutralize that a bit.

Soon I would guess a national appearance and clustering chart with appropriate vectors will become commonplace in the mainstream media. Then one will want to stay tuned for a good chunk of one’s lifetime-maybe a year or two, listening to talking heads with a broadcast product better than impeachment. Maybe the inauguration ceremony in 2021 will be banned because of the crowd density, and Congress can appear in surgical masks. If that occurs it would be quite a show.





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