Black Marxism in regard to Biden and Sanders

 I hadn’t listened to Radio Pacifica in some decades. They are still out there as something more like Soviet era All-Union radio or whatever.

One thing that is certain is that they don’t support free enterprise reform with a focus on ecological economics so much as socialism. In the current 2020 race they seem to cover fringe and extremist movements and like the Democrat Party establishment are of more benefit to Wall Street than the people. 

They do bring out some useful points of politics one won’t discover elsewhere. As a Berkeley centered five-station network they are best buddies of the far left, or what in former ages was thought of as the far left, and still are by those without any sense of the need to reform Democracy and free enterprise to fit in with ecological economic criteria for Earthly sustainability.

One of the concepts I learned about was post-Soviet Marxism applied for black racist organization. Marxism as envisioned by the founder was supposed to be an economic class oriented item to oppose the concentration of wealth and establish a more just and peaceful society (verdance would need to wait for N.P.R.) with social rights and earnings divvied up more or less equally. Racist Marxism is in complete contradiction to that; it is based on a premise that genocide is occurring in the United States right now with blacks being the victims. Terms like class consciousness and petty bourgeois are still used, though applied to races such as white people versus black, and poor blacks versus middle class blacks such as voted recently for Vice President Biden in the Super Tuesday elections.

The problem of petty bourgeois blacks and loyal followers voting for Joe Biden Tuesday was a travesty for the Marxist racist movement. Bernie Sanders as a declared socialist has the trouble of being an old white man and therefore seeming somewhat untrustworthy to black extremists. Joe Biden’s appeal as a former pupil-stabilizer of Barrack Obama’s administration is his prior interaction with the black community engendering an element of trustworthiness

Dividing the electorate along racial lines is just one help for concentrating wealth globally. A divided electorate has just splinter cell ideas about redistributing from one race to another. Marxism is really quite obsolete in its application for racism, and racism is obsolete to those seeking economic justice for all classes and races of people comprising one electorate. 

LatinX people (gender neutered) are a little more favorably disposed to Bernie Sanders.

The United States in its foundation had basic egalitarian lines with most people being independent and self-providing giving thanks to God for the bounty of the land. It was a very progressive foundation allowing free enterprise and trusting in God to lead people to a better union. People of the world then and now are fundamentally racist though the racism may be suppressed. With good reason though people overcome their racist tendencies and recognize basic economic liberties as Universal rights and desired forms for business. Free enterprise adapted to any era is the best way forward for creative and energetic people. Human rights that are equally devised and applied are necessary for free enterprise universally expressed.

For some white Joe Biden’s familiarity since his silly 1988 Presidential campaign has not brought expectations of change. Instead it makes people believe that the bottom of the barrel has risen to the top through sheer persistence in the desire for political power and wealth to better himself personally. No one knows of anything significant Joe Biden has done as a Senator or Vice President that is memorable or leading. They remember his gaffs and prevarications on the campaign trail.

Intelligent voters would like chance to vote for an actual ecological economic leader who would reform free enterprise with good regulations and little public expense. Some seek medical care for all including retirees who even if poor would need to pay $200 appx. for doctor visits for plan B. In effect the elderly are denied any medical care in retirement unless they pay as much a month as working youth who were poor paid monthly for Obamacare. Plainly the retiree and general medical provisioning structure should be reformed in order to prevent the ‘genocide’ in old age that Marxist-racists may be concerned about.

If one has spent a lifetime in prison or had trouble getting jobs because of social exclusion or racist attitudes on-the-job then one may get so little social security retirement that paying $200 monthly for plan B isn’t possible. Maybe that should change, and Bernie Sanders could address the particular problem if he chose to.

Senator Biden is trusted as a Corporatist tool that will help Wall Street concentrate wealth and reinstall corruption as usual. Donald Trump is hated for being white and rich. He is also harmful to the environment and has no concept of what ecological economics is. It is an interesting menu this year presently with three possible candidates for the 2020 Presidential election mentioned already. Restoring a higher progressive tax on the rich should be in the cards for either Democrat candidate yet just one is considered trustworthy to try to get that done. Republicans will of course resist as much as some sanity-challenged individual being dragged off a Greyhound bus by some local policy department on the road. Some will choose not to vote as a reasonable option. The U.S. public debt has no vote, and neither does the atmospheric and oceanic conditions; they all increase negatively for themselves.





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