Guess 3 or 4 about Gravity Particles

Another Guess about Gravity Particles

There are so many theories about what gravity actually is that I thought I would update my guesses about it. Modified Newtonian Gravity and extra-dimensional theories are interesting of course as are dark matter and energy ideas. Since gravity attracts mass together in some way (Einstein noticed that it acted as if it curved space) the explanation that there is some kind of particle-force interaction is good.

One might like to regard gravity as a god particle that likes all other mass (if it is without sin of being antipathetic in some reprehensible way), yet being without the kind of insight required to make a declarative affirmation of that I will consider other ideas. I can use these later as notes to myself.

One might guess that molecular clumps, or even atomic clumps of mass in various configs are not a minimal condition for the attraction of mass. One then would need to find some kind of a particle that appears in a certain level of mass that produces gravity particles.

If gravity is a singular item as a particle that attaches itself to mass and yet anchors itself within an aspect of a given clump of mass such as an atom, then there would need to be some kind of a force that binds gravity to the host mass in order to attract other mass.

Gravity is known to act at the speed of light and so has a limit. One might expect gravity to act upon energy too however- even upon light with very low mass, and it does appear too if observations of how light behaves transiting regions around black holes or galaxies with a lot of mass can be said to be more than the apparent localized curvature of space that light follows.

Maybe gravity is related to an exchange of standard particles in a given clump of mass through quantum uncertainty and super-positioning effects acting to tie them in to every possible field position including those of other mass. If particles from various steady state clumps of mass interact in a ghostly probabilistic way in proportion of numbers and effects to their respective mass then a minor force might develop amongst all mass drawing it together, with very light yet substantive concatenated force.

A discordant aspect of that it that super-positioning generally is regarding as occurring faster than light- instantaneous all over the Universe…a phenomena that if so could itself wreak havoc upon ideas of space-time presentness and yet seem to support Universal real time too, without a past or future.

Maybe quantum entanglement over great distances acts faster than the speed of light and it is just mass that is limited to travelling at light speed theoretically, or at least energy might, so gravity itself simply appears limited to light speed when it actually isn’t.

It there were two flat universes equal in mass and scale spaced an infinity minus 1 distance apart and they began to entangle virtual particles and draw each other together, the speed at some point might actually surpass light speed, or more than two times light speed, and move toward infinite speed increase before collision. It could be that the limit of light speed is relevant to the field components of mass and energy of each universe and not to the empty space between Universes. Nothing exists to slow their acceleration. Another Universe could seem like dark energy acting on another Universe,

That idea about future events actually being something more than the eternal now that is and becomes what it is always changing yet forever being itself is interesting, yet gravity as a particle that is a consequence of quantum entanglement seems reasonable even though it occurs at light speed.

I suppose another approach would be to guess that mass stores or interacts with energy, or dark energy, stored in virtual particles of an unknown field attracting all mass within space-time of its light speed emissions. More guesses about that another time.

That was it for now.





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