Put Ecological Economic 3 Week Quarantine on Int. Travel

The novel coronavirus demonstrated the fact that the next serious virus that lay hidden for a while before showing up and is easily transmitted could take down the population of the planet, or a good portion of it. That is a fact of modern life the prosperous aren’t willing to face. Even more terrifying for Chris Matthews than Bernie Sanders getting elected and chopping of his head in Central Park first thing could be reforming economics of the world to be in harmony with the ecospheric and its restoration and firewalls for viruses.

The Novel coronavirus could actual be a good thing as a proof of concept item for the risk of promiscuous international travel. A deadly disease that is as easily transmitted as a common cold and kills 95% of the people it infects could be on some biologist designers weaponized plate right now, or in the future. Without global firewalls and an economy adapted to it with ecological economics in each country with as much local restoration of wildlife and no net loss of biota the high livers just keep on skimming as if there were no next decade.

Some people have the misguided notion that scripture indicates an Armageddon ahead when in fact it occurred in the first century A.D. The end of the age isn’t necessarily going to occur anytime soon; it could be a trillion years, so establishing a rational planetary economy is actually necessary. It would be possible to end global military budgets of vast scale if rational adults signed on together to do so reciprocating security for all nations. If the U.S., China, Russia and the E.U. got aboard that wouldn’t be difficult.

One wonders how people can be so daft as they are regarding politics.





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