Brave New World Of Neo-Liberalism hates Bernie Sanders

A flock of former Democrat primary Presidential candidates have lined up behind Joe Biden in obvious opposition to Bernie Sanders. Sanders seems to be the Democrat party’s version of Donald Trump; someone to hate and oppose with all guns blazing. The true nature of the Democrat party as a neo-liberal just kiss Wall Street’s butt organization with token appeals to social politics to get people to line up behind politicians primarily interested in enriching themselves is kind of interesting.

I was aware for some time that the Democrat Party is nothing more than the left version of the Republican party. It is something more like a one-party deep state system of government with an in corporatism we trust ideology. Neo-cons and Neo-liberals are ideologically dedicated to enriching themselves first and foremost. That’s why the prospect of a Sanders vs Trump Presidential campaign is frightening to Washington insiders; two true independent candidates interested in making a political philosophy they have work and not worried about being independent without the support of the deep state.

Business as usual is why the national debt keeps compiling and why the poorest retirees can’t afford nearly 200 dollars a month to pay for Medicare plan B- the one that pays for outpatient services including doctor visits etc. The prosperous that can afford to pay for their own medical services when retired can get plan B discounts for just $185 and the most poor Americans get nothing at all. That is the way things are evolving in the brave new world of corporatism and neo-liberalism.





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