Yes Joe Biden Can Make the Deep State Great Again

Like Joseph Stalin Uncle Joe Biden can make the deep state great again. These political things can go on forever with the right people at the top.

When in the course of nations success drives a nation to concentrate wealth and power in a very high upper class stagnation tends to envelop infrastructure and the electorate within a democracy loses power to corporate entities.

The over-concentration of power and a universal phase of trade and business is a recurrent historical cycle, one of many, that is challenging to overcome. Democrats in selecting Joe Biden, apparently, for their 2020 Presidential run, exemplified that stagnant proclivity toward deep state and corporate elites endemic to successful nations that cannot progress beyond their infrastructure of success. They are stuck in an oval track looping about forever with the demos being fans cheering them on.

The nation needs to combat the collusion virus; Joe Biden and his many foreign connections can get that going.





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