Spread-a-Spending Reassuring to Neo-Liberals

News on the novel corona virus went viral. Spending is the remedy for everything with intelligent thought not needed or anted generally, though with just one breath the gerontology of Presidential candidates could disappear along with the Senate; that’s something situationally, ethically speaking to consider. High quality breath mints need be found to combat the spread. The real reason Darth Vader wore the air filter was likely to be dark side of the force insight into the approaching monkey-bat-Chinese super-cold fish-marketed for death cold virus. Darth was no big dummy.


Newt Jaw-Dimple wrote the past feud years that the V.A. and Community poor people’s clinics should unify and expand with new beds and transport structures added to create a vast center wing canard free public health care system for the poor for free instead of the paper-bureaucrat’s dream of Obamacare for everyone. Wall Street is the reliable go-to answer for everything; he was ignored.

Several states have let their school kids have a few weeks off in order to allow them to find more new and novel contacts to keep busy with in the neighborhood. Give teenagers time out of school because of the chance of catching something like a flu for them and they will auto-ground themselves at home wearing surgical masks. Schools are undisciplined environments without a chance of innovating secure from cold transmission structures with frequent temperature testing. Buying a play station for every school kid with Resident Evil games could train them at home without the mess of libraries and classrooms. President Trump might consider taking on an out of school apprentice in case the elder team is struck down in their prime.

The media has criticized President Trump for being slow to provide test kits and good responses to preventing spread of a super-cold virus; it is so easy to declare martial law and send the likely suspects to medical concentration camps in America after all. The virus has elicited news comments about the spread such as topsy-turvy, double or triple double whammy and hand washing advice ad nauseum. Just a year or two ago news reported that hand sanitizers don’t work- was that fake news?

 A Harvard economist suggested that the federal government send everyone a check right away to compensate for the virus. It need only have the treasury crank out dollars electronically via Federal Reserve loans to big banks that can loan five times that on deposit. Everyone at Harvard, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg need a federal check to spend down the dreaded disease. Nothing like scientific precision in federal spending and new debt to restore confidence in markets and their ability to invest in China.

If the U.S. government would just issue gift cards at Starbucks for everyone; perhaps for a thousand dollars so every threatened citizen-subject of Rhodes scholars and her majestic can buy ten or fifteen anti-virus prophylaxis coffees with four insulating feet of puffy, pouty, cloud-like whip crème on top under a sweet cherry the novel virus might reach a quick end. Federal spending is the key to defeating the enemy novel cold virus that normally would disappear on its own except for the spit in the beer can put in the freezer for storage that one infected worker thought might be worth something some day.

Next year or two everyone will have a vaccine for the novel Covid 19 virus  that will be free and easy to get waiting in line to attend the delayed N.B.A. championship series, Olympics and other games.





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