Free Medicare Part B, D for Elderly is the Right Response

Democrats Candidates Apparently Hate Free Medicare A,B,D for the Elderly

Democrat Presidential candidates ignore the easy slam dunk of getting free Medicare Plan B and D for the poor elderly that can’t afford it. Speaker Pelosi would say; ‘what’s that?’ so far as getting the most vulnerable to Covid 19 real medical care. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will talk about pie-in-the-sky and ignore the practical and affordable at the debate. Maybe they just want the elderly that don’t really need Medicare to survive the scythe.

Covid 19 might not go away soon so it would be useful to have an intelligent redesign response to adapt the economy to continue functioning with younger and middle aged workers at the core who apparently can contract the virus with less than lethal effect.

The virus is said to perish in three days so keeping public libraries open for seven days and closing it for three should be a new norm. Many businesses and public spaces should have three day weekends to let the virus die.
Providing free internet connections to let the poor access the internet to apply for unemployment checks or social security would be helpful too. The prosperous have regular phone connections and an electrical outlet while the very poor often do not.Some usually crowded facilities could be kept in service with limited access and safe spacing criteria met with sign-up for appointment slots. Perhaps a way to create inexpensive yet effective ad hoc neo surgical masks could be made for users of public facilities, and idle workers could produce the improve masks. People aren’t required to be standardized and stupid, or should not.

If more ventilators are needed it should be possible to innovate some mass production tech to supply air to many lungs in a large room. Scuba experts, air-line connection people, computer chip measuring volume programmers, input outflow etc shouldn’t be a problem to put together. Mass octopus hookups with regular pressurized line people and physicians who know where to cut and splice, and what disposable connectors are need to keep air in and out of lungs.

Many of the elderly cannot afford Medicare plan B and so must forego medical visits to doctors to see if anything can be done about whatever ails them including Covid 19. Medicare is designed by the upper middle class and it is they whom are the primary beneficiaries of the cheap for them service.

Schools could use cheese-wheel transparent plastic temporary structures with the big cheese teacher at the hub; none of the student or teacher would be able to breather or infect others as all would enter and exit separately aft.

Innovating functioning, practical long-term structures is a better adaptive plan than to use mass economic closure without thinking about shutting the poor and elderly out.





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