Inefficient Corporate Pandemic Medical Response

Somewhere there must be a spray-on glove product, easy to remove, that would be suitable for emergency and medical service workers. Then vast tubs of goo could be made and shipped to those with dirty hands.

If Obamacare had not been designed to ream the rich and Wall Street, and was instead made to serve the poor and those that can’t afford medical coverage, a better government operated expanded V.A. and poor people’s clinic network with capacity for 30 million could have been developed able to process mass casualties or illness in a pinch.

Plainly the corporate emergency medical system is lacking. it isn’t able with use-on-demand bed capacity able to increase quickly enough, and making a profit from pandemic emergency really should be part of the paradigm anyway. The public apparently isn’t well led by either party on the topic.

A healthy government medical system fr the poor and veterans is plainly a necessary part of modern statecraft as pure corporatism is about profit and short term gains rather than empirical and historical reality.





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