Competition to Open Safe Businesses a Good Idea?

I was considering how my blog could be an essential blog after listening to a fellow with a tire store bragging a bit about his responsibility as an essential public business in a radio commercial. Great responsibility goes to those businesses remaining open he commented. 

I must have ten or twenty readers of my few thousand posts each day so this must be an essential blog, or not. During this time some people still hate environmentalists. Some people prefer to be stupid about the decaying environment and are proud to swell with the historically maladapted way its always been done; normal enough I guess.

My google blog stopped paying anything about seven years back and I have never figured out how to fix whatever it is that needs to go in the html code so I could actually earn something. Hence I don’t really care; I write because I write.

Yet businesses and educational facilities that can figure out really safe ways to transact business during the covid 19 era should be allowed to open. Non-standard innovations that are really clever and safe might be invented by some and perhaps imitated by others. There should be some kind of profit incentive to drive people to think about how to get things done in the shop without allowing a possibility of transmission of a virus. The advantage would be that the smart shop owners are open while the laggards remain unsafe and closed. Government agencies might want to consider how to get a quick inspection and release to open for the inventive.

The novel coronavirus reminds me a lot of Camus’ book; The Plague or of some accounts of the bubonic plagues of 13th century Europe though of course, it is not as grim as that.

In that era doctors wore bird shaped masks with long beaks to avoid inhaling the plague. It was fleas that carried the virus however; maybe the pnuemonic plague is easier to get from breathing toxic air from the infected.

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File:Beak doctor mask.jpg

It is still somewhat difficult for me to believe that medical people have a hard time adapting air pumps from Harbor Freight or wherever with regulators to intubation and respiration applications; in the 1950s Americans invented everything routinely, apparently now they think everything need be bought at a store and is disposable.





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