The Higgs Field and Public Capital

One may wonder if is the Higgs field that provide virtual particles the ability to emerge from a perfect vacuum, or what the characteristics of a Higgs field are, such as strength over distance and how it could be compared to an electromagnetic field. If a Higgs field acts upon virtual particles is that part of an explanation for the appearance of gravity curving space near stars for example, and it is instead virtual particles being affected by the Higgs field that seems to curve space or act like dark energy or matter. Seemingly if select particles that were neutral such as neutrinos became charged en mass that might affect or distort space outwardly.

 I was reading a book during my two weeks of covid quarantine that suggested such ideas. Answers will need to wait for some future chapter perhaps in a book yet unwritten; presently though the seeming American economic malfeasance concerning the paucity of ecological economic thought in party political platforms has grabbed my attention. There is a lot more than I have time to write here about the rise of private sector capital and fall of public sector capital to net zero. Corporatism reinforced by neo-cons and neo-liberals alike fail to reform capitalism so it keeps a Democratic form of government in the United states alive, vital and adaptive to demographic facts in relation to the decline of the planet’s ecospheric health; with 80% of Americans bought into the Wall Street concentrate wealth and just make a profit social design the prospect for rescuing the ecosphere from continuing steep decline leading to human decline seems minimal to vanishingly small.

Democracy is supposed to be adaptive, responsive and directed by enlightened republic leaders who fully inform the populace of points requisite for keeping the nation healthy and strong including environmental health. In the just for profit blind lemmingway dash to oblivion there is a complete lack of ecospheric intelligence and drive for profit; business doesn’t need to be done that way.

Traditional conservatives like the Cato brothers of republican Rome sought to keep the people free in a Republic and sacrificed their lives to keep it so rather than falling into an imperium. American alternatively seem indifferent about drifting into a plutocracy at the top of Wall Street that isn’t capable of competent leadership since it sits atop a shareholder pyramid that seeks profit as the abstract end-in-itself. A fetish of wealth developed that serves as a paralyzing poison working against any rival ideas in a nation that is supposed to be a marketplace of ideas and experimental laboratory of political philosophies, reforms and efficient actualization of statecraft.

If one were to average the national income demographically, the most rich individual could be limited to earning 300 times as much annually as the average salary. Corporations could be limited to 30,000 employees. Once shareholders had maxed out on earnings excess corporate profit could be reinvested in the corporations itself or be used to form a different business that would need to become independent. Businesses could be made to be vetted for ecological efficiency before allowed to start up. Maybe business proposals could be reviewed and the best ten of twelve proposals allowed to go ahead after public review; the public should be more involved in business forms and profits should be made on producing product rather than through finance and capital gains that were just investments in corporate stock. No individual should be allowed to invest in more than three corporations. Taxation should be progressive and rise to nearly 95% near the event horizon of maximum allowed of individual capital permitted socially that would be made with an equation including total national income, number of citizens and legal residents etc. Keeping ownership of private capital by an individual or a certain percent of national income would defend against plutocratic political encroachment as exists at present. Private capital should be more egalitarian and individuals of creative genius concerning development of material products and intellectual properties would not be repressed, yet would be socially supported and encouraged to actualize their ideas that are qualitatively and quantitatively productive with investments in new corporate business start ups that they would perhaps lead or direct though the personal profit would remain limited a the statutory personal national cap. Individuals of creative, manufacturing genius might build creation of several businesses of benefit to society, the environment and space development without need for a mountain of personal capital. A strong social safety net lifestyle that integrates housing, health and transportation with the environment through an ecological restoration reformation with continuing free education to help society bootstrap positive social transformation of its economic modus vivendi with intelligent design is probably necessary for the survival of human life on Earth with any kind of a decent lifestyle for everyone in a healthy global ecosphere.

Still, it is easy to overlook other important questions like what actually goes on inside the event horizon of a black hole. Keep in mind that an event horizon is an arbitrary place that has sufficient gravity to prevent light or anything else from escaping outwardly. If one wasn’t crushed continuing on toward it maybe the questions of what lay beyond would appear.

Gravity is the primary power of a black hole in that it attracts mass. Gravity is also the most weak of the basic forces of the Universe (except maybe the Higgs field), therefor I wonder how gravity can tear apart the electro-weak and strong forces of mass it attracts and when and where it does so? I would think that some physicists would have very good guesses by now concerning the structure of a black hole, yet there may not be any that are readily available on the Internet.

I would not think the traditional conjecture about a singularity existing would be very satisfactory presently since it fails to account for dark energy, dark mass, the Higgs field and even virtual particles that arise in the singularity if any. Why wouldn’t gravity also be destroyed at the singularity? Is a gravitational field at singularity something like an electron in its own field? If gravity is an apparent phenomenon caused by virtual entanglements of the Higgs field, do the field spin characteristics change and lock up at a certain point at a nominal singularity with other configurations of quantum fields arising or evolving between the singularity and event horizon?Apparently fractional charges of quarks and virtual quarks becoming entangled with the Higgs field; even at a distance if virtual quarks become two dimensional to travel at the speed of light, could be a theoretical paradigm in which to discover a practical explanation for the phenomena of gravity, dark matter, dark energy and spatial expansion. Without the Higgs field that is Universal, yet perhaps not of the same intensity everywhere, mass is two-dimensional rather than three, and is actually there massless until the electroweak force encounters the Higgs field, slows down select particles to sublight speed and is permitted by considerations of special relativity to have the extra third dimension in the direction of motion. The book that I was reading does give one the opportunity to consider numerous new relations of mass, dimensions and space-time.

I threw in a few questions here that are no more likely to be answered soon than questions of how the U.S.A. can reform capitalism to make it support ecospheric renaissance and full social de-victimization in the stream of history are. Interesting to consider even so. Did the Higgs field pre-exist the ig bang? What is its source?





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