Wuhan Virus vs. Clear Halloween Masks

Maybe transparent Halloween masks with replaceable nose and mouth filters, plastic lenses eye security against labial aspirants and plosive verbiage bearing Wuhan virus spit-spray; with surgical gloves from dollar stores that may be enough to allow reasonably safe business activity until a vaccine is made. 

There are of course other measures such as tracing newly infected person contacts; yet practical face protection in public spaces would probably help much to slow the spread of virus in highly traveled Europe and the United States. Store clerks should be able to buy a mask at a dollar store for a dollar and have twenty replacement filters with it. The rubber band holding it on should be sturdy enough not to easily break.

Wearing a Halloween mask to work might be a hassle, though possibly humorous too if not just transparent, however people have worn masks I think in prior times of European plagues. The Wuhan virus should not be too big of an inconvenience if the correct trick will bring the right treat of good public health.

Travelling salesman algorithms for determining quickest routes between different cities might be analogous to an algorithm for finding possible Wuhan contacts, yet with second and third generation, primary, secondary or tertiary contacts etc. If the variables such as cities or contacts are unknown, determining the shortest route (or using a similar program for finding contacts with deductive logic) with several unknowns could be very difficult. When Covid 19 point contacts are widespread in appearance over several free for business states instead of at a single point of origin such as at Kirkland Washington via SeaTac and Wuhan China quite possible, the plan to have people track down a second wave of infection may require additional measures such as masks if the virus is to be comprehensively contained until a vaccine arises.

Considering the federal economic response to the Wuhan virus I get the sense that it was regarded initially as a hiccup in the economy to which a full financial bailout should be used. Perhaps as in time of protracted war a rationing system would have been more practical with financial reinforcement intended to be available for the rest of the year at a more measured scale.

Adding trillions to the public debt seems like a poor idea. The British had vast revolutionary war borrowing that wasn’t repayed until near the start of the 20th century. The people paid private lenders tax dollars better than a century as American taxpayers may be forced to do.

The U.S. public debt soaring to more than 26 trillion dollars is about equal to U.S. public capital so the public has about zero public capital generally. Most U.S. capital is held in the private sector and that fact alone make economic reform to an ecological economic footing that may be required to address the primary challenge to Americans of adapting human economic methods to one that is synergetic with restoration of the national and planetary ecosphere directly. Global warming is a incidental element of the general decline of the ecosphere that would be corrected if ecological economic practices adapted to competitive yet non-market oriented free enterprise capitalism became the way of the U.S.A.





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