Concerning Ideas and Being (a poem)

An energy field of infinite scale
dimensions contingent and meaningless
pass gluons and quarks to Higgs loops
virtually spoofing countless hadrons;
energy acting upon energy-
whirlpools formed molecules to be
and become sentient suits

Independent thoughts off an endless branch
pure energy; whatever it is,
across an expanse of universes
energized though free
protons and neutrons you and me
Iive in God’s energetic stream
with days and years of acting solid
-massless in two dimensions
solid in three

Where a big bang cooled energy too
Acting like mass (M=E/c2)
entangled in a Higgs field
frozen energy viewed from within
it being like an unknowable grail
from an imponderable point
of infinite energy in one static place
in an infinite virtual cloud

Speaking of particle waves
as a kind of serious lark
with dead grim power;
Infinite and indefinable
enshrouding a Universal cloud of unknowing

Thus it is that mankind enjoys the story
of mass separated as ape-kind
north-south by the ocean spilling
into a Mediterranean basin evolving
farther than tropical fish with fins
caught in tidal pools adapting
to live a little and walk to water

Safely amphibs moved farther
to warmth ashore; solar energy
their distant ancestors changed
adapting to the north slope savannah
some returning to East Africa
becoming sapiens in time
after some earlier adapted Neanderthals
returned north again, and northeast

Stories of billions of years
reduced to millions and thousands
summarized in sentient script
of so much done in six days
an energy field, an infinite line
shaped to evolving waves and Universe
as a preference of Being, the sentients’
thoughts stand alone, apart from will;
that source of energy
a word to begin
the cascade of questions
concerning spacetime and being
emptiness and energy,
ideas and dreaming.





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