Covid 19 and the End of Verdance (poem)

Covid 19’s love of bated breath
dwells intimately in numbers
words exchange theories of noise
penumbras past-time into night
light casual silent thunder
Covid rhymes kisses of death
planning economistic trillions
In futurists’ sight

That it were not sew
rapping beeziness budding bioreactors
reap cracker box palace demographics
pollinating ribbon cutting bling
so red death rings
belles of blue

If dramaturges of deep sleep groan
with lines of micron size convergent
done drops Halloween springs
yearly shared shadows
songs of silence-
zero public assets

Reaper dreams 10,000 base pairs
more or less remnants of Covid spliced
dread rhinovirus cowboys herding
Wall Street to Jackal and Hyde mode-
shelters in place
all private assets

A micron or five mohr investors
bounce skyward in positive pressure
bubbles of infectors a, t, c, g scrabble
without ecological economic sectors
containing Covid ape virus

To the drawing board an airless mountain
is cast like a filtered militant
protesting beeziness failing
cloistered hives of moonlight
rhythms skulsing foreshadow
Ezekialian rest of wonder
what is wrong or write, supersymmetry
in building codes allowing Higgs particles
to borrow from their own quantum field
virtually forever until thermodynamics
close down the dressed Universe
in naked disappearance
without a bang or Whymper to scale
Earth’s highest point
50% public assets, 50% private

Apes from the verdance
clime down
Apes cut the verdance
build a town
Ape with a dream
build machines
Machines with the mind
hate life’s sign
A.I. kilt the verdance
thought “that’s nice”.





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