Cover Eyes Against Covid 19 Virus

Upgrading standard hard-plastic Halloween masks with eye covering and nose and mouth filters probably would substantially reduce the odds of getting Covid 19 from the community while shopping or riding a bus. people are generally disregarding eye infection that can occur in maybe 20% of the Covid cases. If one is getting Covid generally through the mouth or nose the route of the eyes is just ignored, yet that can be a fatal flaw in reasoning for some people.

Clear plastic Halloween masks with replaceable filters and eye covering can be made at low cost very quickly and distributed to the nation so people can go about their business and bus riding more safely. There is no point in being stupid; and where those dollar store garden gloves taking care to wash them often.

If a soldier was defending against VX or GB (lethal chemical agents) and putting on protective gear he would not fail to cover his entire face and especially eyes; for some reason civilians are stupid about that and believe that inhaling the virus is the only way to get it.





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