Disconnecting the Higgs Field (poem)

Here and there

pointillist continua build

rowing the skiff

clambering over the road

staying in shadows until spring

insouciant compact snow

mirthfully compiled

just to melt

like thick shadows standing tall

Recall those human ventures

in sunshine and heat waving

structures squat and vast

sheltering every manner of idea

swilling the environment

pig-hooves hogging one ecosphere

blanket covering the Earth

It was simply one answer

to numerous questions

working well and input loopily

with the Higgs field disconnected

Locally service shut down

three-dimensional particles dropped

down into two dimensions

their flatness a consequence

of speed of light atomic components

shorn of Higgs field syrupy slowdown

Two dimensional particles-

formerly three,

no longer cohered within quarks

neutrons and protons

waferish thin diet

infinitely thin poker chips

without strong force attraction

without electro-weak conventions

they were columns and stacks

of potentially being something

A good measure of the Universe

left free to its own devices

two-dimensionally speaking

gave its energy up to nothingness

what vast black holes remained

when gravity was gone

where information was stored

why the energy need be someplace

with change and form together

engines of actualization

in three dimensions

was a solitary questions

Two dimensional quantum maps

direct quantum chips

through Higgs fields

being and becoming soap bubbles

rightly in place as surface tension

structures in motion

trillions of cells like one

Shaping the Higgs field

like electro-magnetic lines

with apportioned signs

meaning lessness than nothings

mechanics of quantum creators

nano-machines’ centrifugal

color forces

Partially disconnecting Higgs field (s)

micro-designers in the fog

would modify galaxies as if they were

emulating the Creator to modify space and time

from the beginning

alpha and omega

fields that ever were/are

mind plans of the One.





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