Chicoms and Corporatism Repressive Concentration of Wealth, Power-Hog Farms,

Human organizations have a trait of concentrating wealth and power so far as they can; Corporatism and Chinese Communism share similar objectives of concentrating wealth and power in the hands of elites. It should be no surprise that the CHicom leadership feels free to repress democracy and independence in Hong Kong since the United States works to repress free enterprise and free speech independent of corporate will to power- even NPR is something like a Soviet era propaganda and state terror on dissidents organ.
Corporations repress free speech of employees and even the internet has corporate power burying sites they don’t like in search engine listings. There isn’t a meritocracy in the United States so much as a do the rich like your business system of government. The covid contact tracing is a convenient way to learn more about what all of those independent people are doing and who they know isn’t it.
One might wonder why practical anti-covid measures (no I don’t mean taking down old Kobe Bryant highlight videos) did not include practical remedies like make complete face mask coverings with eye protection and small replaceable filters at Halloween mask factories so people could go about life more or less normally, or why an ounce or two of bleach in a gallon of water wasn’t recommended for disinfecting hands; one would think certain people have some will to keep the economy closed and people more repressed; perhaps another wave of post-covid distressed home and real estate buying will follow as after the 2008-9 financial crash.
It is alright for democracies to limit capital concentration to keep free enterprise independent. There is sometimes permissible dynamic tension between democrats and oligarchs (or communists) that is requisite for keeping a society healthy and able to adapt to external challenges; environmental or social. When the United States is such a bad example to the communists and when the media becomes repressive or even a tool of partly state funded disinformation and networking racketeering terrorism why would one expect the Chicoms to not follow the American lead to their own advantage? Networks are another opportunity for ad hoc communes with exclusive membership. One shouldn’t expect them to be some Karl Marx sort of thing with rural farms, hog pens and orgies.

Marx apparently believed that capitalists would concentrate wealth infinitely stimulating revolution. Modern economists point out that he was basically wrong about that for technical reasons. While dictatorships may concentrate wealth absolutely in certain respects, free economies these days tend toward increasing wealth with intellectual labor and free labor. Physical labor produces a diminishing share of national income and capital has its limits too at increasing national income. It is better to have intelligent leadership well versed in ecological economic transformative goals that is able to moderate economics and utilize 100% of human abilities with good polices rather than to force gross failures to develop human potential and let circumstances dictate economic policies through blind force of evolution/crash.





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