Hitler and the Goads to Holocaust

In the United States the history of the Second World war is reasonably plain. Germany attacked Europe and then the United States so the U.S.A. joined the war and with the other allies beat Germany. The NAZIs were evil incarnate (like NPR) and liquidated millions of Jews, Gypsies and Homos beyond the rules of war. There is more to history than that however, so I will sketch a brief piece clarifying some of the goads that drove Hitler to such ferocity and hatred of those he regarded as corrupting the world.
Since the Jews had been kicked out of Israel by Romans they had looked for a place to call their own. They migrated to many nations fleeing their former homeland where they had crucified God and experienced disaster forever after. Most of the nations they emigrated to tolerated them for a while and then kicked them out to, sometimes at great cost to themselves as well. Leading up to the First World War Jews of Europe had sought to create their own nation even in Europe. They were the first zionists seeking respite from homelessness.

Meanwhile, in the non-Jewish sector, democracy was rising against aristocracy. Europeans also had the communist problem, and many of the leaders of the left were Jews. Leon Trotsky for example, was actually named Lev Davidovich Bronshtein- a Ukrainian Jew. Germany went to war in 1914. With American reinforcements of the allies Germany was defeated, or rather brought to an armistice that made an uneasy peace ensue with issues not being fully settled.

A Jew from Munich became a national leader in supporting the end of the German aristocracy. He spoke in the beer hall in Munich that Hitler would later lead his putch from. The left-wing revolt forced the Kaiser from office. Hitler, a veteran of the First World War whom had experienced mustard gas injury, hated the Jews for bring the armistice into being and forcing the Kaiser from office; he believed Jews were leading communism and the end of Germany so he was too happy to accept help from on high; probably deposed aristocrats via the German High Army Command. Hitler was sent to take over leadership of the Germany national democratic socialist party- the NAZI party.

Hitler’s rise to power and political attitudes are marginally at least, understandable. Loud Jews in public roles were agitating against native citizen leadership and appeared in favor of communism that was a very real and growing threat of proletarian dictatorship in the east and within Germany too. When the Second War started; the concluding act of the FIrst, unfinished war, Hitler’s final solution was brought into effect.

Certainly Hitler had understandable grievances against the Jews who he perceived to be attacking German national existence; and Germany had comparatively recently won its full independence from Catholic Habsburgs (though Hitler laughably was himself from Habsburg Austria). It is no wonder that Hitler fancied himself a new Caesar for the Habsburg Empire was also part of the Holy Roman Empire. 

One might ask what Jews of Thessalonica for instance, had to do with Germany. The answer preponderantly is nothing. Because a few loud, prominent Jews agitated in Germany and against the Tsar Hitler conflated or associated all Jews with the political voices of a few. That is a danger of racism; it conveys select attitudes and behaviors to all of the people of a given race.

Hitler as a modern user of technology was able to selectively kill millions of innocent civilians. As an individual damaged by war and goaded to action by elites that recognized his charismatic voice Hitler was able to lead the mostly former socialist cadred of the storm troopers into a large expansion able to take over Germany by forcing political opponents into silence. After the conquest and assumption of Chancellor socialists too became downgraded and the homosexual leaders of the storm troopers purged. 
Modern broadcast media remains a powerful tool for propaganda and repression of free speech forming bad opinion against writers and others seeking to express objective, factual history and political analysis without the bias of fake-truth endemic to organized media periodically in its history.
Because of the atrocity of the holocaust Europeans tended to support the return of Jews to their own homeland where their desires for political expression and power would not require the subversion or blame for subversion of national political and social development. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.





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