US Lacks Good Ideas for Ecological Economic Return to Work

Not enough is being invented or innovated to return Americans safely to work. Making full face masks with replacable filters and eye protections for very low cost or free would seem to be necessary, and the government appears daft about that insofar as it isn’t converting any Halloween mask production lines into clear, safety mask production for Americans. In fact Central America and China could use the masks too; don’t they still produce cheap stuff in China?

Americans seem sometimes to prefer to be good foes as a way of conducting themselves-for-others; they often prefer to be critics and pains-for-others these days with a generally easier life than in former decades and with a lot of surplus credit they are burning through quickly. It is as if some people prefer to have a depression and something to wine about as a glamour thing for a while if they are well off and can easily afford to survive stay-at-home orders and social distancing means spending more time on the yacht.

jobless claims exceed 40 million during Covid 19 challenge

At the least the nation could use politicians with good ideas although that does seem like expecting unicorns to power Santa’s sleigh next winter. This could be a time to transition the nation to ecological economics, if there were politicians that actually know what that field is an as academic discipline. Democrats have a candidate for President that actually woke up from a two-month nap at home during the covid crisis recently and there may be hope that he had an inspiration or two. President Trump doesn’t know what the word ecosphere means yet he may find a way to sell it on Wall Street if it becomes rare and valuable enough.

President Trump can at least be said to put a brave, unmasked face on the covid incident though it may not be a good idea, and that is something. Inventing and innovating with Yankee ingenuity to swiftly transition to a positive sum, non-depression, ecologically beneficial new foundation for national infrastructure would be a good change and way to extricate the nation from the conundrum it finds itself developing presently because leaders and media are too daft.

Maybe war with China looks more enticing to the homo clan in the elites dinking things about. I saw a good video on how fusion bombs are made, I can see why people like that stuff. how fusion bombs work

I believe that if the United States actually became the worlld leader at ecological economic transition it could show too that stable and secure national boundaries to keep democracy meaningful are good and work. Even the communist nations could live with a healthy ecosphere in recovery and a solid safety net for all that is effective at delivering free universal education through graduate school in order to maximize human potential. The way economics works should evolve and adapt to a more intelligent foundation. crash course on ecological economics





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