Lebron Adds to Confusion Attacking Drew Breeze

N.B.A. star Lebron James an aging basketball star on the downward slope spared from playing ball, though collecting salary during the covid 19 era, criticized a football star; Drew Breeze of the Saints, for expressing an opinion that disrespecting the national anthem is wrong. Certainly it isn’t a crime, yet it is wrong if one is an American rather than an African-American, European-American or Antarctic American.
For some reason uneducated athletes sometimes choose to speak out as if they were knowledgeable about sociological constructions, macro-economics, cosmology, history or philosophy as if their insights were useful or accurate when they are not. No one expects Lebron James to know what Washington crossing the Delaware or marines placing a flag on Mount Suribachi meant, yet he should at least respect those who do. A generation of athletes that never served in the military during war with dumped vast wealth should have some reserve in determining what is right and wrong about patriotism. Independent opinion and the right to express it is good as are other rights such as those of dissent generally and peaceful protest. It is better to work intelligently with an idea about what specifically need be corrected rather than to emotionally riot and shout havoc, racism and etc. When the New Orleans Saints were robbed by Los Angeles based officials of going to the Super Bowl in 2019, where was James’ protest about right, wrong and justice?


The former best active N.B.A. player raises an interesting point about the nature of riots and other protests by the descendants of slaves that is touchy. Actually people have been fired for saying that black Americans were bred for athleticism as slaves, yet that may be true. It is just that people apparently haven’t investigated the matter much and the facts of the slave owners breeding programs designed to enhance the value of their economic assets have been obscured.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oKMjTqdTYo The First Medal of Honor event recorded on video

 There is nothing shameful about being a member of a social group that was bred for athleticism, if that is what occurred. People have bred dogs for millennia and slavers may have wanted strong workers rather than 100 lb weakling, short intellectuals that might be smarter than the slave owners. Some athletes have participated in their own way breeding with 60,000 women for example, individually (Wilt Chamberlain) passing on athletic genes and height. Millions of young black men descended from humans bred for size and strength once upon a time in an era without many industrial jobs requiring athleticism may find social employment adaptation more challenging than comparatively, women at desk jobs have. The summer rioting season of blacks is becoming a usual event whenever even a single criminal activity by law enforcement people trying to arrest a black male occurs.

 It seems that an industry of ambulance chasers exists promoting racism whenever a black is caught on video being victimized in such a way that an obvious gross violation of civil rights occurred. Rioting and mass protests that effect business and provide new criminal records for law-breakers aren’t the way to address the problem. As the sometimes ineffective and inaccurate Southern Poverty Law Center has done for decades tracking groups that violate civil rights in an organized way (aka hate groups), there should be some plainly recognized on-line organization coordinating evidence of gross violation of the civil rights of Americans regardless of race; race should be a statistically compiled analytical finding the organization could provide. Plain legal responses by a sober organization is a much better way to bring about corrections to the Universe of law enforcement existing in thousands of departments with varying degrees of autonomy across the nation than ad hoc rioting and anti-American, anti-patriotic tweets by disgruntled aging athletes trying to seem relevant when they are not winning championships because they haven’t invented a vaccine that would let them play safely without infecting others.

Culture matters concerning employment. An intellectual culture generates an increasing percent of national income while athletic laborers aren’t. Human health and amateur athletics are great things provided everyone also is maximizing their intellectual development at the same time. With 9 billion people on a planet with a carrying capacity for two billion a lot of brain work and invention will be required to keep wild animals alive in a healthy ecosphere and human animals too.

Consider the human tradition of destroying the ecosphere whenever they build a new structure; that has to stop. It is a natural process that with so many billions participating in a thoughtless way endanger all life on Earth. A one-story building destroys as much ecosphere as a 100 story building on the ground. make structure resemble mountain ranges maybe and have ecosphere on the exterior? Sterile cities and vanishing ecosphere need new social thought and regulation that riots about race won’t fix. James should at least invest time in ecospheric conservation; maybe join the Sierra club, as he does in attacking white quarterbacks holding the NFL career passing record.





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