Poetry for Political Economy

 Economic Philosophy for Government Supercomputer 

Mood slate ‘verberations
obsidian windows
life and death

Waves over triplicates
driplicates under waves
duplicate reverberations

Economic engine margins
ballooned scalar structures
field beyond the edge.

  The political philosophy of the economic system of the modern world is about two – three centuries old. The modern economic philosophy was designed for a human economy largely before industrialization and entirely before the rise of computers. It was largely an evolved village life system with caste systems of rulers repressing or alternatively defending the masses, peons, proles, people and so on. That system continues today and it is maladapted to the modern machine-computer,  inhuman technology of the era.

 Defenders of the modern economic philosophy primarily argue for capitalism or Marxism’s varieties. Neither system is actually in effect in any pure since the rise of machines and computers. Instead, an ad hoc patchwork of economics grew to bring society along where required. An upper class of elites remained. A thousandth of the U.S. population owns 20% of the wealth. Ten percent of the people own approximately 70% of national income; it is a very inefficient system almost comical in its works throwing trillions of dollars here and there in ‘emergencies’ and running up 26 trillion dollars of public debt to plumb the depths of the super-computer guided machine like deep sea explorers of the Calypso.

 One must wonder what an efficient new software install of economic philosophy would do for the super-machine. Perhaps Bill Gates and windows was the patchwork D.O.S. install the wealth managers of the village system put in to exploit the modern global economic potential of the machine, yet that was still founded in the village system and wasn’t cognizant of the environment or people and human loss of potential that it brought.

 The U.S. government built the first electronic computers in the quest to construct an atomic bomb. The elite classes used the technology for their own uses in harnessing modern technology to serve them. It would be good to liberate the potential of modern technology for the maximum benefit of humanity with an upgrade in political economy software.

* Clear Halloween face masks with eye coverings and small replacable nose and mouth filters would be popular with those seeking good protection from covid 19 in heavy people traffic, yet the government seems disinterested in mass producing the easy ppe that even people on buses could wear to and let bus the economy work a little better without the mass new infections.






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