Statehood for D.C., L.A., Chicago and Thousands of Alaska places; Covid Defense Masks

The District of Columbia becoming a state is a ludicrous idea. D.C. as a state would have a certain piddling runtiness about it. A federal district is supposed to be neutral in order to serve as an area for the federal government to base itself uncoerced by the power and laws of a state and the panoply of corrupt local politicians statehood brings. A state governor should not be free to exert his sovereign responsibilities over the Federal Government intruding in his state like a virus.

There are a zillion other larger regions in the U.S.A. that could become states that would make more sense. Alaska, for example could have a dozen states with no stretch of imagination or credulity; maybe a thousand or more D.C. sized states. If the people of D.C. want to become a state they should revert to being part of Maryland and or Virginia, or move from the District of Columbia and let the federal government be free at last to move west to mile-high Utah, Missouri or some other lowland locale.

The federal government may want to use the possible statehood of D.C. to move west and centralize itself in some new location that would be entirely neutral and free of any permanent residents. Living in the new Federal District would not be allowed. There would be federal buildings and a capitol there and no housing except for federal officials- anyone else would need to commute from outside the small federal district on high-speed hyper-tube trains or possibly electric cars.

Much has been said of Missouri as the location for a new federal capitol. Any state that wants to host the new federal capitol would need to relinquish or donate about 25 square miles of its land to the venture, yet would likely receive many times more value than the land in increased federal spending. Utah, Colorado and other western states of the Rocky Mountain region would also be good locations for a federal capitol. The District of Columbia could return to its historical slumber as part of Virginia and Maryland and erase the muscling in on federal business that would fade away as a distant, unpleasant memory.

The District of Columbia may be ripening for relocation and fading into history. Many Democrats hate Columbus and Columbia is a poke in the racist political ant nest of Democrat party activism. The new federal district could be renamed the District of Washington, although he makes the hate list too for owning slaves. The District of Lincoln would be a good choice except that historians have found that Lincoln said he preferred his own race and thus he could be viewed by some as racist too. Maybe the sole non-controversial choice would be the District of Truman, since he was less racist than many and dropped the first atomic bomb in history which may be less offensive to Democrats than racist thoughts.

If I were choosing a name for the new Federal District I would name it the District of Jesus. Democrats would oppose that however because they prefer godless atheist iconoclasm as if they were restive Muslims. Democrats would ascent to the name District of Darwin I would guess. Evolution’s leading figure is regarded as good by Democrats and evolution as the end-in-itself correct idea for-themselves, even as the moral principle of the age whenever it is used in support of Democrat Party goals. Evolving in non neo-liberal directions without an increasing rate of return on capital and reduction of taxes on capital and high income is probably considered unthinkable.

Democrats as the party of hate and racism content have an easy target in President Trump. Like the President, Democrats seem to exist without a surfeit of good ideas instead relying upon race, gender and perversion issues; emotional issues that are harmless to the richest 1% and occupy the time and thought of the Republic. President Trump is good at business and bad at environment. He is boisterous and brags to possibly compensate for a lack of high end intelligence. Assertiveness and hubris can help in business and war yet fail to well-serve high-end creative thought that tends to be quiet and contemplative. So long as no unusual challenges arose that required brilliant analytical ability and quick reaction President Trump was o.k. With the continuing failure to do very well at managing Covid 19 the President has dropped in the polls and Democrats salivate considering prospects for November 7th 2020. The D.C. statehood issue is another Democrat hate mechanism to erase U.S. history and transform the nation into a corporate, national socialist entity something like the emergent Chinese Communist-Corporatist entity that is not too unlike Hitler’s ideal national-socialist state minus the foreign wars except where victory is guaranteed.

A neutral federal district without local political affiliation is requisite for keeping a free and impartial federal government. There are a lot of political forces that would like to subdue federalism and create a patchwork of splinter cell-states where global corporate boards would be the actual leaders of primary and last appeal. If President Trump wants to be re-elected he should develop a Doctor Welby image if he is capable and create a Covid Defense Mask in white-face, black-face, brown-face, clear-face, lavender-face and designer colors that provide full face protection against the virus. The mask should have C.D.M. in bright red letters in the lower right corner. The President should have a half-hour prime time fireside chat demonstrating to the public how to use the masks and explain their value at preventing infection and allowing people to return to work somewhat normally (in addition to wearing surgical gloves or frequent hand sanitizing). The masks should be easy to wash after removing filters and work well for college students on beaches or school kids on buses. Of course secret intelligence agencies would need to forego facial recognition tracking systems efficiency for a while because of the masking; therefore it might be a good idea to watch the southern and northern borders for terrorist infiltrators a little more carefully than usual. If the alternative to having full face defense mask wearing is 100,000 extra dead Americans, a secondary casualty is likely to the second presidential term for Mr. Trump. The President should have a top-ranking comedian help him in the C.D.M. show as an assistant able to provide a little, yet not too much, humor.

It is noteworthy that the Presidential office is too contentious these days and the Congress not bright enough or skilled at making the nation more than a tool for global plutocracy leading to plutocrats over a sub-dictatorship of the proletariat. Perhaps the Presidential office should be vacated to 24 years and twin pro-consuls serve instead with one from each party having the job for a year for a period of four years alternating power. The Roman Republic had some features that could be emulated in this era where the U.S. government is being reduced to ineffectiveness and Democrats seek to reduce it to a role in the global sub-dictatorship of the proletariat beneath the stars of the 1%. The president should have developed a salt-water filled desalinating canal through evaporation and capture border canal instead of a fence if he were clever. Can people really argue across S.W. desert states against renewable millions of gallons of fresh water for agriculture?





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