Mind-Body Duality and Monism

Can the Universe be said to be monistic because it is made of energy with mass as a secondary quality? If so, a Universe made of energy does not mean that pluralism of forms of energy such as exist for quantum structures cannot exist, for manifestly they do. Mind too may arise from energy yet may be said to have a different form than either plain energy or other forms of energy such as gluons or the color force may be said to have.

Energy that is a coherent thread from the beginning of the local Universe may possess numerous unusual qualities in regard to time and space that are yet unknown for human researchers. One of those may be the relation of God to programmable energy that is subject to his will before the form of any or all Universes become perceptible to sentient minds. Obviously the relationship between God and subject-sentient-mind through revelation and the Son Jesus Christ does not require a necessity of a particular ecclesiastical structure except one that is in submission to God and saved through the atoning grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. The most effective ecclesiastical structure is one that is most well adapted to the communication opportunities of the age. In an era of Universal literacy and unlimited publication of the Bible for all that is an egalitarian priesthood of believers.

Mind-consciousness is qualitatively different than energy for-itself that is believed to be non-sentient. Of course if God in energy and spirit before and extrinsic to energy has awareness then it could be said that God qualitatively differentiates plural material giving limited knowledge to sentient minds with not-transparency of divine mind in energy and forms for sentient others as are humans.





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