NPR’s Mob-Rule Cheerleading May Put Biden into White House

The Democrat Party seems to have few meaningful issues this election year in comparison to developing racism and covid-care. NPR has provided much support for the story-line narrative that racism is the fundamental problem the U.S.A. experiences. As a primary corporate and government sponsored neo-domestic mob rule organization one wonders if the continuua of reiterating racism can be enough to put the Democrat Party over the top in Presidential and congressional races this November.

One might think from listening (full disclosure-I live in an off-grid part of Alaska- NPR is the only news source available-when someplace else I never listen to it) that the U.S.A. is being prepped for race war, that Democrats might like to disarm Americans so they can’t defend themselves from mob power in the future, etc.). During their fund drives I remember that I would probably contribute if they would go away. I wonder if no one has noticed that since NPR was started the U.S. economy has increasingly concentrated wealth and the portion of national income that goes to the middle class and poor has greatly declined. Today ten percent of the people have 70% of the national income.

There are numerous political advantages for mobs and general corruption attractive to media cheerleaders. Writers on social media sites, including myself, that have every published any material the insiders of the internet world find offensive may have their content strictly moderated to cap daily views at ten or twenty. Before the Obama administration purge it was possible to get a few thousand views of articles per day yet that was crashed to the point that publishing today informs generally politically partisan organizations and that’s about it. That development that took some time to perfect was a way to censor American writers without seeming to do so. I don’t imagine that the Internet in the U.S.A. is so very much more free than that of China these days regarding free expression of political ideas without reduction of viewer reaction by insiders.

As a society moves toward corporatism, communism, plutocracy or various forms of totalizing power concentration the control of media and the marketplace of ideas becomes one of the first places authorities of various forms look to for controlling power. In the U.S.A. with the first amendment controlling Internet access must be some kind of relief as private corporate social media sites have the right to establish their own policies about what may be published or how many people will be allowed to see it. The U.S. government (and corporations) of course finance NPR and its leftist orientation sucking up to wealth and mob ethos yet it has not established a neutral Internet site for citizens of the United States that would not be censored. It should for keeping the marketplace of ideas free and in existence outside of proprietary corporate control is necessary if any sort of free political thought is to continue to exist in the public arena in the years ahead.

The possibilities for constructive political change are great when great ideas are ordinary and held in political leadership. A political ontology of idiocy isn’t one that should be expected to lead far to advance human development on the ecospherically challenged planet. Satiety materially speaking  by to many without much interest in anything else can too readily support social decay. Historical cycles that are recurrent and easily recognized somehow escape notice. 





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