Chinese Bat Shith and Media Movement vs. Trump Virus

Four years into the Broadcast media and elites vs. President Trump litigation (accusations and power equal juridical evaluation) the problem of Chinese bat shit virus has emerged to work against the President (Trump) as well as the usual suspects; if he cannot get the bat shit virus under control and Americans safely back to work before November 7th his only apparent hope for re-election is to send a stimulus check to ordinary Americans and a separate stimulus bill to fund pork for the rich.

A new book detailing her uncle’s shortcomings by Mary Trump who is a clinical psychologist will help substantiate the President’s nature as ‘still a child seeking attention’. Psychologists can objectively evaluate older brothers and uncles from a reliable feminine viewpoint that even the media cannot fully comprehend.

If the President can in a sense receive a de facto diagnosis as a mental defective then a plain and objective synthetic union of virtual Kant-like status can be reached. The Trump virus could be a condition the broadcast media can begin to flatten the spread of legitimately. Anyone with a mental label is fair game for media suppression of their works that implicitly cannot be rational. Irrational viral infections must be suppressed by the corporate media or the people of the nation could become terminally degraded from dogmatic slumber into politically intelligent thought.

If the President is a child-like crazy spouting irrational gibberish easily recognized by the scientifically objective media, he isn’t the only active viral agent requiring interpretation and suppression by the broadcast media. Evidently almost half of the people of the nation technically qualify for mental illness laboring from the Diagnostic Manual of Mental Illnesses  (Two illnesses at the same time qualify for Multiple Mental Illness Personality Syndrome and 50% off on purchase of club wine on-line). It is a proven assumed fact that mental labels indicate the incapacity of rational thought and especially irrational, disagreeable, inconvenient political thought conflicts with insider servo unit broadcast media apparatchiks. The Chinese Communist Party leadership clearly recognized the unhealthy, viral political thought infecting the body politic of Hong Kong and swiftly responded to eliminate it with new laws to return Hong Kong to communist health and isolate the sick.

If Chinese bat shit was a benefit to U.S. Democrats seeking to wrest the Presidency from Mr. Trump and convey it to Joe (Bite Me) Biden, it was also a little suspect in its appearance a block or two from a Chinese Biological Research lab studying bat shit from local Chinese caves. It is not inconceivable that Chinese leaders employed a low-tech way to eliminate the tough rival trade relation antagonist from the equation knowing the likely American response to things like 9-11 or pendemic pandemic that are sloppy, costly and great patriotic soul-searching for through the barn for a horse with the door open in the wind.

Science is not a perfect art. Truth, fact and objectivity are concepts of the human mind rather than things-in-themselves. None of those ideas exist in nature outside of a human mind. The energy that comprises mass simply is, though humans experience it in similar ways. Human minds and professional evaluation accuracy of others and other minds as well as psychiatric diagnostics are not transparent and directly knowable as might purely physical conditions like broken bones. In the most corrupt paradigmatic union of psychiatry and media enforcement reason in speech and writing can be recognized solely by select, partisan political authorities rather than Petri-dish citizens that would be bowled-over if they encountered ideas of political opposition.

There is a great difference between viral politics, biological viruses, and human thought regarded as viral feared by controlling political leaders and media sycophants. China may have sorted through thousands of pounds of bat shit to discover the prefect virus to win the trade war through support of election for a Democrat ready and willing to kiss their ass; very likely the west will never know until the Chinese government falls and the hidden files of spy agencies are revealed. For the time being the satanic conflation of psychiatry with law and worse; with the broadcast media for the purpose of political control has returned in a large way to direct the clownish course of the 2020 Presidential election.





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