Science Fiction Conjecture on Faster-Than-Light Travel version 4.1

Science Fiction Conjecture on Faster-Than-Light Travel version 4.1

There are a few reasons why it is believed that faster than light travel isn’t possible. Contrary experience in quantum teleportation regarding information travelling faster than light seems in conflict with the notion. Plainly information seems to travel faster than light in select quantum super-position experiments. One could regard time being locally changed or skipped as an equally probable candidate explanation for  why some quanta would need to have travelled faster than light to explain the transfer of data from point A to point B.

Space and time are treated as a single field for purposes of general relativity. All of the basic fields of the Universe seem to have some speed limit that is at the high range equal to that of the speed of light. Gravity for example travels at the speed of light. Would it be possible for a mass object made up of matter with various field components bound to the light speed limit to travel faster than light by skipping through space-time fields as if it were not in a space-time field?

Perhaps like a super-cavitating torpedo that pushes a bubble ahead if it to displace water in its path, quantum mechanical super-positioned probability bubbles could be placed ahead of a mass object in order to displace space-time fields that limit the mass within to light speed limits. As quantum information can occur at a vast distance without passage of time, a space-ship too might travel a great distance without a passage of time if it can be placed with a quantum probability bubble detached entirely from space-time.

While it might not be possible to send conventional mass through conventional space time and space-time fields faster than light it might be possible to send conventional mass beyond conventional space-time and space-time fields faster than light for a time and then return into conventional space-time if it were possible to disrupt, alter or trick an area of conventional space-time to let the mass of a space-ship pass outside the normal space-time field and quantum logical structures.

    Someday quantum computers with detailed quantum mapping of local quantum structures might be able to direct reconfiguration of quantum structures locally in real-time to conform to complete detachment from the mass of a spaceship with different quantum attachments for hyper-spatial quantum kedging of attachment and detachment forward faster than light. Quantum modeling of present and future structures might allow ‘pre-moves’ or instructions written in advance to kedge a spaceship along faster than light near, yet outside the conventional space-time from which it has detached itself.

Creating an absolute void without quantum content or time could be feasible through a variety of theoretical methods, even if that non-field is temporary and limited to an area around the spaceships mass. That kind of approach might make it possible to remove vast concentrations of mass from the gravitational field of space-time of a normal universe, placing it into limbo, perhaps as nothing more than information to be given four-dimensional content when returned to normal space-time and the Higgs Field.

Quantum probability super positions for information may occur because some information may have no mass and can travel therefore with no time-mass component to restrict it.





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