(poem) Inducting the Logic of a Multiverse

Somewhere amidst a multitude of incipient Universes
in an infinite Multiverse
a live oak provided rest for Isaac Newton
forgotten roads led to deserted petrol stations
a supreme being evolved
though a few thousand Universes fizzled
some Universes had smart people and A.I.
before thinking they ate their resources
to die with a stink

That substance of everything composite
Energy of those quarks and gluons holding
everything together through all weathers
witter patters of little cat feet
found times’ rain cakes of creation
consumed in thermodynamic hunger
entropy driving life

Evolved a supreme being aside all universes fail to inspire
transcendent ideas
each single universe tryming to be
different with recurrent similarities
dimensions varying in small print
with a better supreme being patching together
several universes and retrocausality before all Universes
modge panc of His mind plans
where everything always was too

Sides orders of decohered wave function causality
fatty fast foods forkin
reasons for being and timing
release of exformation and structures
with one God before that supreme being
entering nothingness before nothingness
existed with time
imponderable for-others

Natural selection evolves the near god being
conditioned response in evolved structures
concentrating power to restructure evolved things-
concerns and evolved ideas
restructuring Derrida and Hegel’s irony
deconstructing evolution with synthetics
placed relativistically for-others
without things-for-themselves troubling any

God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit
manage many structures and purposes
instead of the original sinners without hope
in-themselves surfing evolving waves
clouds of unknowing
fine-tuned with anthropic principle
realize they day and the night
quanta super-position creation
between the dark and the light.





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