Portland Bungles Civil Behavior In Siege of Federal Courthouse

I think it may be difficult for judges, jurists and attorneys not to be aware of or even be influenced by the riotous siege outside the Portland federal courthouse during the pandemic; it is really bad form for the yippee haters of the legal system of the United States that might prefer mob rule. The mayor of Portland seems to like the mass attempt at intimidation of the legal system of by and for the people as that is easier than supporting rule of law with decent civil behavior.

Sure there was an evident crime in Minnesota by a policeman. That does not call for an attack on the federal legal justice system. Instead competent legal work by competent legislators should act with civility to enact whatever reforms are required to assure an impartial justice system with equal protection of the law for all citizens.

It seems to me that mob rioting as a first resort indicates a lack of competence of large sections of the electorate. Mob marching sieges are nothing more than meaningless mute blunt instruments that get nothing done besides spreading covid 19 so more Oregonians and others can die. Nearly 300 Oregonians have died so far. The mob’s sloppy social behavior harms others, and covid deaths of vulnerable people count too. Discipline, self-control and free expression through writing letters to politicians probably would be a far more effective way than chanting suitable for subjects of a royal system yet not for supposedly responsible, enlightened and equal citizens of a democracy.

Democrats seem to be clueless about their responsible to elect politicians that support equal protection of the law and a progress tax on income and capital instead of tax cuts to reinforce the gross concentration of wealth. It is apparently easier to just use dope and go out to the streets and riot like idiots.





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