Covid 19 Mask Malapropism/Election Delay Banana Republic Progression

Political leadership on Covid defenses is practically retarded. For several months I have written that full face covering shields are necessary to allow people to work in a contaminated environment. The response was virtually nil. Instead some wear just surgical masks and others none; surgical masks are not Covid defense masks, they are Covid offensive prevention masks. Reopening the economy accelerated the second wave of Covid now featured in the U.S.A. Retarded politicians and media have said it may be necessary to reclose the economy, and it’s thought o.k. because the federal reserve can issue trillions and trillions of zero interest loans to big banks and the middle class can sell their children to pay for Obamacare premiums that otherwise disappear during the pandemic.

 While Obamacare- the Affordable Healthcare act has the clever mechanism of disappearing during times of national health crisis because people can’t afford to pay for it then (letting insurers off the hook), those getting Covid from community spread need some practical help in the form of working actual full face covering defense masks so they can work in a contaminated social environment with Covid 19 lurking anywhere as some kind of latent bug.

 Full face masks that cover the eyes too and have nose and mouth breathing filters are de rigueur for chemical, nuclear and biological war fighters. As a former Army N.B.C. trainee I recognize the blatant, retarded political defense response in failing to manufacture cheap, affordable defense masks for the civilian populace. Plainly the bad example is a guide to future assaults on America with biological agents that may occur because it’s so affordable in an era with at-home D.N.A. splicing tech.

 A basic problem of full-face masks is that the eye protection often fogs up; they need a liner or gasket that keeps exhalation form getting into the eye shield. It is necessary for people wearing a full face mask to actually see- especially if firing an M-16 at a larger enemy.

 Adapting Halloween masks this year to become Covid defense masks with full face covering was always a good idea that needed a little intelligent design and manufacturing supervision. One would think the nation is led by retards.

President Trump’s suggestion that the Presidential election be delayed seems like a bid to end democracy outright rather than through the finesse of corporatism and search engine practical censorship. Something besides Banana republic candidates are useful for second terms.





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