Dialectical Evolution of Money to Realize Itself in History

I was informed recently by a friend who is a professor of the philosophy of economic comedy about developments in the field of the dialectical progression of money to self-awareness through history. Evidently the Reagan administration realized for-itself that with a free-floating dollar the Federal Reserve could simply issue low or no interest loans to big banks and with the federal requirement that banks keep 10% marginal reserves on obligations such as cash deposits, the rich that own the banks could in effect electronically mint 9 times the loans to their friends and compatriot rich people. The custom of enabling the Federal Government to in effect give trillions of free dollars to the rich did not really get started in a large way until the financial crisis of 208-9 wherafter it has issued through the marginal reserve multiplication nine-fold of zero and low interest ‘quantitative easing’ dollars, about 200 trillion dollars. I should ask Dr. Mojoke, my professor friend about it, however I believe the world income annual is about 99 trillion dollars, so 200 trillion over a dozen years is a fair amount of easing.

In the process of unbalancing traditional economic relationships with quantitative easing the federal government accelerated the concentration of wealth since they were not issuing trillions of dollars of free money to the poor and middle class who in any event had now facilities for multiplying zero-interest federal loans nine-fold. A different approach to restoring economic slumps that was fair and balanced with equal measures of free money going to citizens equally was required and that would have overstretched the meager economic intellectual resources of classical economic theorists. It was with that realization by Dr. Mojoke seated in a lotus position under an apple tree had his great insight about not only the invention of new cash multiplying structures in federal social security accounts that would manage and loan money to qualified, stable borrowers with professional class investment fund managers, the doctor also foresaw the rise of Bic-coin as a self-aware monad evolving to realize itself through monetary policy over history.

Dr. Mojoke foresaw that electronic currency trading would evolve to self-aware monad of Bic-coin that would as self-aware units be non-counterfeitable and useful in-themselves as well as in electronic trading. Bic-coin in larger clusters would have an increased capacity for artificial intelligence and intelligent thought. A billion units of Bic-coin thinking together would be very clever and in fact able to optimize structural designs for human biological living such as waterless microwave sewage processing in deserts ( I asked the doctor how he found that example and he informed me that he saw the value of propane or electric powered Incinolet toilets used for off the grid structures). Cluster of Bic-coin would become standard units of exchange able for-themselves to organize assembly of planetary materials for print-on-demand lunar and Martian structures or form transport vehicles able to rise from dust and transport Americans along electronic in-line highway grids made of solar photon absorbing and storing materials with a high albedo.

Mojoke said that he didn’t mind the rich loaning out money they’ve worked for, that it was just the Federal Reserve dumping trillions of interest free electronic cash in quantitative easing that was a fowl kettle of fish. Apparently Mojoke believes that the U.S. Government and Federal Reserve should not serve a tiny minority of the public and render everyone else peons of globallists.

I suggested to Dr. Mojoke that the new Biten administration might invest in the development of Bic-coin and innovate better and more egalitarian methods for stimulating the U.S. economy diverging from the evolving history of offering up free trillions to a global plutocracy wishing they would trickle down to Americans and not just runt the government with so much compiled capital. The doctor said; “That’s a laugher”.





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