Much Ado About Nothing at Electoral College Tally

 Congressional opponents of President Andrew Jackson probably incited violence against him – an assassination attempt Jan 30th 1835. The Attempt to Kill “King Andrew”

I am not really a fan of Australians, yet some of their reputed toughness of character might be better in such a circumstance as the gunless ‘insurrection’. One thinks of the line of Julius Ceasar when he is being stabbed to death when he pulls up his toga over his head and says; “This is violence”. He was such a clown.

 A good example of political insider violence would be Vice President Calhoun who resigned to join Congress and form the War Hawk Party leading to ‘the nullification crisis’ and the civil war. This week in history: John C. Calhoun resigns as vice president That is a complex and interesting story that took time to develop. The 1856 beating of a Senator from Massachusetts by a Congressman from South Carolina with a cane is another story. Assault of Senator Charles Sumner | US House of Representatives: History, Art & Archives

It wasn’t a good way to official usher in the President elect. Democrat leaders were blind to the aspirations of millions of the political opposition and believe just their own ideas are acceptable. Intelligent people have empathy- that is they understand the point of view of other people-Democrats tend to fail at that. When the Senate returned to the chambers to wrap up the electoral vote process Vice-President Pence and Majority Leader McConnell made dignified speech addressing the issue. Then came Senator Chuck Schumer who seemed overcome with hatred of President Trump. In most of American history such abuse as Mr Schumer spewed would beg for a duel, and it might be a good thing if a couple of politicians were shooting each other instead of f’ ing up the public business as they usual do. Sadly I missed watching the spectacle live, It must have been a sight watching Chuck Schumer wade into the mob throwing punches all around leading the resistors defending the sacred senate temple from desecration. Democrat Presidents and vice are always lawyers- a slum of lawyers since the Clintons, and Americans can expect consigliary subterfuge and deceit four more years. It would be good if someone with an economic and environmental brain ran for the job and got the nomination. President-elect Biden showed his age when he said that Americans will learn to respect Democrat leadership the next four years, especially one assumes, as he exonerates Hunter’s relationship with Ukrainian paymasters while Dad was Vice-President supporting the attack on Ukraine’s Russian rivals.

A democracy requires leaders that comprehend the art of finding a way for as many people to get what they want as possible without stepping on the toes of others. Lawyers are good at their profession of representing clients in litigation- they seek to win for a client and make the other a loser. Lawyers have no special qualification for the Presidency- they should work with laws rather than make them. The Democrat leadership slum of lawyer-President since Bill Clinton have sought to make Americans that aren’t goose-stepping sycophants of their lunatic agenda losers. They expect Americans to learn to respect corporate censorship, to respect the daily hate, to be nailed down and compliant so they don’t need to hammer people into silence.

Democrats are equally responsible for the mayhem that disrupted the electoral college proceedings for they have made a custom since the Clinton administration of having their way or no way as far as possible. They are the actual party of intolerance along the lines of Joseph Stalin. Senator Schumer definitely threw gasoline on the fire of national division so far as he possibly could. Senator Schumer and Hillary Clinton experienced the last gasp of ‘the deplorables’ that voted for President Trump- they emulated the Democrat Party custom of forcing the law to stretch as far as possible to benefit themselves. Senator Schumer was aghast that the Senate chamber was “desecrated”, yet had little to say for the year of Antifah stoning and fire-bombing of the Federal Courthouse in Portland Oregon that drew his ire equally. Portland Oregon doesn’t count in comparison to Washington D.C. evidently.

A democracy cannot reasonably be run in such a way that a bare majority can expect to get away with murder and force their policies upon 49% of the people whenever they have a majority. In a nation of 320 million people that approach isn’t wise. With oodles of weapons of mass destruction and an overpopulated world their will be dissent sometimes rising tom use those tools of politics through other means. Maybe some biological custom redesigner of viruses will engineer a subtle device to cull the population of millions- who can predict the future? The U.S.A. Should be a nation with a reputation for trying to tolerate the political opinions and morals of millions of people rather than ridiculing or suppressing them to extinctions as Democrats might like to do. The art of democratic politics should be to make each side happy whenever possible instead of just one side with a nominal majority. I should stipulate that I.m.o. as the world political response to Covid 19 evidenced, there may not be any intelligent political leaders on the planet, so getting dual political plaintiffs in a civil matter to be happy may exceed the I.Q. Of those elected.

Democrats want to take America to atheism and homosexuality norms- they have passed hate speech laws and require terms of endearment or censorship follows in the corporate bulletin board of social media, Democrats sponsored abortion of what- sixty million fetuses, Democrats forced homosexual marriage on the nation when the public would, have tolerated some sort of separate civil union establishment; they refused to respect the onions of a virtual majority and choose the path of conflict instead of taking a course that would accomplish what the homosexuals wanted and left the sane institution of heterosexual marriage uncorrupted.

Democrats forced Obamacare on the nation with a technical vote using the nuclear option. Leaders like Chuck Schumer say the hell with the opinion of so many Americans against it. Some day that custom of not finding accommodation for strong American opinions may have real deleterious national consequences. The funny thing is that most of the opinions that are so inflammatory are easily remedied with better ideas including that of flooding the nation with illegal alien workers to render the political opinions of non-Democrats minority opinions. Phasing out American political resistance by flooding the nation with replacement workers and voters over a few decades also riles up several million Americans.

Many of the ideas if the red party are as wrong as that of the blue party. I though it might be a good idea therefore to create a third party- a white party (red, white and blue) yet that would be construed of course as racist these days. While Chuck Schumer is irate about what he labeled were ‘insurrectionists’ storming the capital like peasants with pitchforks might have tried in some former time or perhaps SDS radicals leading protesters to trash a government building during the Vietnam War, he seems unaware that his economic theories are wrong as are those of most on Capitol Hill. No one their seems to have an idea about how to have the Federal Reserve make those zero-interest loans to Social Security instead of big banks who can loan out 9 e-dollars from thin air for each e-dollar deposited by the Federal Reserve. That custom in the quantitative easing era has in effect given 200 trillion bucks to the rich since 2008, and the world economy is only worth may 100 trillion annually- that practice seems stupid from my humble non-economist perspective.

If Social security has great investment managers loan out cash from the federal reserve keeping the usual, and even a high marginal reserve on deposit the people of the United States would benefit more or less equally instead of just the rich when the rich have liquidity problems or the Federal Reserves believe they do.

China today has an economy that is an almost perfect fulfillment of Lenin’s NEP program if it were carried out to a logical maturity. There is a mixed economy of private investment in business under communist party supervision. America’s corporate people have signed off on investing in China for what seems like most electronic product production as well as innumerable other manufactures. They submit to China’s law that a Chinese subject must own 51% of any business their. Meanwhile the U.S.A. has a jackass system of the Federal Reserve helping concentrate wealth and power in a global plutocracy and the plutocracy invests in China while Democrats flood the nation with illegal alien workers while drug cartels seem like one of the best businesses in Mexico.

President Trump was not the worst President in U.S. History as the histrionic Senator Schumer said. Actual President Trump did a fairly good job until 2020 when he bungled Covid management and set an especially bad example of not wearing a mask. He also used 2020 to accelerate gutting ecosphere health, and of course he exited office gracelessly bringing unwanted excitement to the Capitol.

President Trump deserves a Nobel Prize for Peace on his Middle East work and Democrats should remember that he started no foreign wars even while Democrats like Rep. Adam Schiff were throwing every sort of baloney content they could at him during the great smear the President with accusations that he is a Russian agent, dupe or general dope for President Vladimir Putin. President Trump was not the worst President by any means, though he does seem to have a problem with too much egoism. He is a billionaire so his approach can’t be entirely impractical.





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