Is a 2nd Impeachment Vindictive?

Second partisan impeachments might be regarded as vindictive…a continuum of hate sort of flows and evolves along until the coup de grace.


  1. a final blow or shot given to kill a wounded person or animal.”he administered the coup de grâce with a knife”

I didn’t see much of the event of the populist surge of protestors into the Capitol on Youtube. Police were weak in numbers and had inadequate crowd control though they knew for quite a while and could have been better prepared. The Senate looked rather peaceful from the bit I did see. Plainly though it is a moment for counting coup on Donald Trump. Even Swarzennegger said that it was comparable to Nazis trashing Jews (maybe on Krystallnacht. Arnold Schwarzenegger likens Capitol riot to Nazi attack on Jews With the Democrats set to take control of the entire government the next two years one needs to be sure to be politically correct and get on the right side of the left-media and organizations or else. America’s Authoritarian Adversaries Seize the Moment

Democrats have ‘interpreted’ President Trump’s language four years, giving it a life and meaning of their own. To me as an amateur logician that custom seems plainly libel extrinsically. I need to say that in four years I never heard the President actually say a single racist remark, though I tend to interpret the rare use of English language on the basis of what people actually say literally, first, before considering the gestalt of things.

Impeaching the President one-more-time isn’t good sense. If the Senate actually got a two-thirds vote to convict and the possible front-running 2024 Republican candidate were banned I think that would create a lasting divide and a bad additional move to the extreme for Democrats that have been moving to take extreme measures since the Obama administration. Former Majority leader Harry Reed recently said that Democrats may need to get rid of the filibuster rule to prevent Republicans from obstructing their agenda. The problem with that would be that if some actual extremist party took control their would be nothing to stop them from working their agenda; that is no semblance of popular concurrence to political legislation would exist. Instead one party with a 1% majority would force its will upon maybe 150 million Americans. Technically one might be able to get away with that yet practically it might be tough to hold a democracy together that way.

Sure the Democrats of the House and Senator Schumer are vindictive and hateful politicians drunk on their own Russian-collusion kool-aid. They had a virtual intifada four years- a maximum filibuster orgy of hate for President Trump finding every possible angle to obstruct and abnormalize his state of being. Did he deserve that? The answer may not be as important as the consequences.

President Trump was his own worst enemy for the re-election that he lost. He did not say anything about a platform for the next four years; it was simply understood that he is great and made America great again and could not lose. Maybe he thought he would do whatever he wanted; the last year he gutted every environmental law he could. The President was an insensitive aloof guy on Covid 19 responses that would shut the economy down (he should have thought of something to keep it open and safe at the same time). Paradoxically he made some great executive actions in that period too advancing Middle East peace with Israel and Arab nations and recently restoring diplomatic recognition fully with Taiwan. Good policy like that is why conservative tend to like him.

As a Christian I valued his appointment of conservative Supreme Court judges. There is a real trend in the purely secular Democrat party to disrespect Christians and theology, to consider prayer a kind of ‘magical thinking’ that is not heard by anyone-certainly not a God they don’t believe in. Christian pastors that have wrong eschatological theology and remained loyal to any candidate that would not seek to degrade Christian life and ethics have in light of the mostly white protestors on capitol hill been associated with racism, and perhaps unfairly. If 95% of blacks voted for President Obama because he was black, those blacks that are Christians voted for a candidate twice that supported liberal homosexuality, abortion, tax cuts for the rich and concentration of wealth. Keeping the political argument just along racial lines pulls the wool over the eyes of those that aren’t 1%ers concerning wealth.

Op-ed: From white clergy of mostly white flock, Capitol siege demands a look in the mirror

The idea of an atheist nation of neo-globalist minions of concentrated wealth corporatism foisting homosexual marriage and abortion upon the masses while the 6th mass extinction in progress isn’t appealing to some independent intellectuals. There is not a sound proof against the existence of God, yet their is a lot of evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ as part of the Triune God. Philosophically speaking contemplation of cosmology is better normalized with God as the sustaining agent of the Higgs Field, space, dimensions and etc. rather than just one-half of the possible explanatory scenarios. God for example could create an holographic universe as readily as a vast quantum computer with A.I.





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