Nations vs Nations or Nations vs Corporations?

 Good question. Multi-national corporations and sophisticated investors have a heck of a lot more money and in some senses, practical power than worldly governments today that in effect have military that defend corporate and investor global interests.

Global corporations and concentrated wealth tends to out-last many government elected officials. Governments also have a tough time finding people that comprehend well the mass empirical effects of economic methods applied to the real natural world (such as ecospheric degradation). Another challenge to ordinary people is that social media is preponderantly owned by the most rich, as is the broadcast media so making substantial political change through politics is difficult to accomplish. Opinions that are published in some senses must pass through corporate-owned hoops, for example- the President of the United States with 88 million followers was recently banned from Twitter.

Philosophers have written about the problem of corporatism concentrating wealth and controlling governments in the past. In my opinion it will be very challenging for governments to battle with corporations meaningfully since politicians and Supreme Court personnel need to be corporate approved to reach high office- there just won’t be a will to battle with corporate and concentrated wealth and power. I am not optimistic.

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