On Internet Censorship and the Need for a Censor-Proof Government-Citizen Site

Writing on a number of topics on the Internet for the past 20 years I have found that nearly 100% of my work was eventually banned, taken down or minimized in search engine listings so it can’t be seen. I have written on philosophical, theological, historical and other subjects besides the political topics with a few words that resulted in my work being deleted. My writing is solid liberal scholarship essays on numerous topics and the break in continuity was invariably damaging. What people working in any occupation with free enterprise self-employment would like their work to disappear overnight?

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Vast deep-pockets set the rules for their own servers and websites and effectively has the complete power to censor or marginalize any opinion they find convenient too. I think some people believe that the only real work is done on the clock for corporations and anything else is play.

Generally they use a blunt instrument too-if one opposed homosexual marriage very well simply finding a few word pejoratively offensive to homosexuals could result in a lifetime ban across the Internet for all practical purposes. A nation and democratic government that relies up plutocrats to censor political speech will find that a plutocracy eventually dominates all of the wealth and power of a nation concentrating it in 1% of the people.

It is irritating for writers to have their work just disappear overnight while the large established powers increase their power. That is ad hoc monopolistic market manipulation at the very least.





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