One Existential Ideological Threat to the U.S.A.

The United States is becoming a nation with greatly concentrated wealth. There are numerous ideologies from many angles that reinforce that fact. Mussolini’s economic philosophy of corporatism isn’t well known by Americans who have too little time to invest in reading the history of political philosophy. It is the fact of tightening corporatism that is the clear and present danger to American’s tradition of individualism, free expression, free enterprise and national self-determination through free and fair elections, rather than an ideology; corporatism tends to discourage much non-occupational thinking. In that regard they are fairly similar to their Chinese Communist Maoist-Leninist partners in global trade and business.

The decline of the ecosphere is an empirical threat with the 6th great mass extinction event in progress by human causation. Corporatism runs rough-shod over that and encourages continuing exploitation of natural resources. The United States might have tolerated 300 million citizens if it had a stable, sustainable ecological economic policy yet it doesn’t and cannot keep on increasing its population and degrading the ecosphere very well and serve as an example to even more populous, poorer nations. Corporatism enjoys product disposability and replacement sales phenomena. The Earth’s resources are not disposable however, and that indicates something wrong with the policy of corporate cycle of production and consumerism.





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