Second Helping of Impeachment is Intemperate

Democrats tend to morph all of their political interests together in interpreting public events in order to support the party narrative. Prosecuting President Trump with a second impeachment his last eight days in office is a political miscalculation by leaders under the influence of their own political kool-aid.

Demonstrators during the Vietnam war era often used violence, and peaceful demonstrations often turned violent. President Nixon was punished by the left for sometimes regarding the protest movement as neo-insurrectionist. He believed there was a war going on and the Watergate break-in was justified from his perspective to help defend the nation. Speaker Pelosi today views President Trump in that light too.

Any rational person knows that it would be impossible to stage a coup or have a working insurrection that would be successful by bum-rushing a mob into the Senate at any time-even during the tally of electors. Unless President Trump was very stupid he could not possibly have believed that he could remain in office by accomplishing a coup or even a substantial delay of the elector tally of a day or two. So what were his motives in calling supporters to come to D.C. presumably to protest? He said nothing about an insurrection or coup try. Did President Obama, for comparative purposes, intend a decade of demonstrations and rioting when he said of the slain Trayvon Martin; “He was the son I never had.”

Most likely the President hoped for a mass demonstration of support in the capitol, as might any politician or political group from Martin Luther King to Veteran Bonus March Demonstrators, to get political support with a show of strength. It was to be the President’s last show of strength before he left office. He likely was looking forward to 2024.

The demonstration went wrong because there wasn’t adequate security to restrain those protesters from entering the capitol and Senate. A security chief had called for national guard before the event and was denied. The Army would not send over help either. The last time they did their was a tremendous public outcry for military intervention that kept Black Lives Matters protesters at bay while the President walked across the street from the White House to be photographed at a church. An army general publicly apologized for being seen with the President so it is no surprise they did nothing to help prevent the riot. An additional element is that the President had vetoed the Defense Budget Bill recently and the Senate then overrode his veto. The deep state strikes back.

The President was outplayed during the Election Tally and will suffer the consequence of a second impeachment and possible banning from running again from public office. The media will say that he encouraged an insurrection or coup attempt (as if he wasn’t already in office and still the most powerful man in the world). The President is guilty of being out-thought by opponent political tacticians- that matters regardless of it being the Wuhan bat-shit virus aka Covid 19 or a conveniently undefended Senate before the arrival of impassioned mass demonstrators.





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