Intellectual Capital’s Value

Human beings socially have only their intelligence to make things with if they are lucky enough to have natural capital resources. A paucity of intellectual capital puts people on equal ground with coyotes, sloths and porcupine. It is easy to take for granted the nature of material capital- manufactured and natural, and assume that even though creative destruction is a part of the phenomena of making life easier and more rewarding for humanity, that the quality of material capital or its effect on the ecosphere isn’t meaningful, and that is wrong.

Intellectual capital has been given a nominal value by economists of about 6 trillion dollars. World Intellectual Property Report 2017

Intellectual capital and social relations are quite undervalued though as a political economy’s effectiveness is a matter of the people and what they think-how they interact, more so that the dollar value of given computer software or knowledge of technical aspects of metallurgy.

Intellectual capital- spiritual capital if you likes, is the sustaining impetus for efficient use of resources and for inventions and improvements, recovery and reform, progress and morality that Jesus might find o.k. along with faith.





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