In the Grasp of Global Imperialists

The wealthy have insider technical positions to control global wealth and reinject it into their accounts. The vast accumulation of wealth is far more than ordinary people realize working on the clock. Capital increases faster than wages over time so that concentration of capital renders 99% of the people irrelevant economically speaking, except as workers and consumers. That means their political opinions are also largely meaningless as the only people they really can vote for are those approved by the 1% and able to invest the 2 million dollars average cost of running even for the lowly job of a U.S. representative.

To change the system to one where free enterprise and meaningful democracy can actually exist, where patents and inventions are reformed and available to any citizen without inhibitions of poverty, some sort of tax filter on financial and stock trade networks need be imposed- like a royalty tax on oil pipelines by the state, in order to share some of the wealth with everyone in the form of basic income and abundant poor people’s clinics for free.

Most people would rather be sycophants of the rich though in order to remain employed with advancement prospects. A one-time 20% tax on locatable capital would be satisfying yet inadequate to recover America’s drift back into submission to global imperialists.





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