When America isn’t America any More

The United States is no longer the United States; it was that before the rise of the broadcast media and the egress of the volatility of disposable thought and lives along the electric avenue. Modern mankind is adrift on an ungrounded political tectonic plate- a different place than the traditional America of the founders day with Christian values, books of philosophy, muskets and land to work.

The Congress has been radicalized by Democrats who have progressively changed House and Senate rules in order to maximize the use of force for temporary majority power. That one-vote takes all and foists whatever on the 49% minority has to make blue-red fan politics as routine as that of the Byzantine Empire that had two chariot fan political parties named for colors that fought over everything.

Globalists are something of pimp sophisticates yet humanitarian capitalists and neo-hippies liberating mankind from smallness and introvertedness and all unbig things. In a way globalists descry nationalism as something only a Hitler would seek, though he did aspire to be a globalist too. Globalists also work jobs planet-wide via the Internet and other ultra-modern technical ways including cell phones, so being an American is tough. Every alien is in telephonic communication live with the homeland and all of the people of that nation further reinforcing the notion that Americans are rather backward if not big-minded globalists who don’t give a sh-t about the state of the nation of people that live- America is a nation of immigrants it is known and no one is ever native except for the Sons of Geronimo (unknown in England).

It may be that breaking up the United States so the people can move to states with apposite politics and spending preferences regarding government size would be a good idea. It could be that traditional views of government that one takes from history- that they must endure forever and that one must defend borders to death while business is global and wise-guys flit about the planet on round-the-world plane tickets (remember when only birds could fly) is actually not in the best interest of modern U.S. citizens and instead clever reforming of their country to suit their own advantage would be a good idea when inevitable national dissipation seems in progress by degrees.

Maybe the U.S.A. is a work in progress with all of the concepts of creative destruction, too big to fail and ‘it takes a village’ (of globalists) leading to its gradual fading away as a kind of platform for the new world order. Loose borders and meaningless of private interests in comparison to corporate franchises, shares and social approval as a good corporate clone employee may just be and become.

Leftist radicalism is a fairly standard political form historically speaking. Attacking its use linguistically to beg the question of it existing at all is rather Orwellian or Stalinist, alternatively.

I am a simple classical liberal like that of the founders myself, and vote independent if there is anyone or anything worth voting for or against. I saw the way the Soviet Union evolved rather peacefully to a new form and wonder if the United States might not accomplish the same when or if it has become onerous or obsolete. Peaceful change and evolution of national forms could become the new normal and replace war or ruinous social decay as the default way nations end.

The United States may not be polarized enough to make those gradations of color permanent as lasers of various types. Blending all paint colors into one so their is a single mauve color so no one has anything to argue about may be the goal for the Superior man, I cannot say, therefor I will resume silence.





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